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During the mid 1980’s, continuous price increases in the paint industry made the establishment of a local paint manufacturing plant an attractive proposition. A study of paint usage in the country and the viability of producing the commodity locally was then carried out. This resulted in the establishment of Star Paint in 1988.

Paint Manufacturing.

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Star Paint Colour Cards.

A paint expert, Ron Kaschula was recruited and a substantial amount invested in machinery and laboratory equipment. Kaschula had held a senior position in a multi million paint company based in Southern Africa and had over 23 years experience in the paint industry and was well qualified to train local technicians. By the end of 1988 production had begun.

The product has been well received in the marketplace and has become synonymous for quality products at affordable prices. During 1989 further investment in machinery increased the factory capacity and optimum production is now 10,000 litres daily. This is by far the largest paint manufacturing operation in the Kingdom of Eswatini.

The Star range is a comprehensive premium range covering domestic and light industrial together with wood and automotive finishes which encompass PVA, textured wall coatings, enamels, primers & undercoats, varnishes & wood stains, roof paints, self etch primers, spraying enamels and floor cotes and epoxy enamels, glazing putty etc. All our products are proudly manufactured in Eswatini and are specific to Southern African conditions.

Star Paint is a strong believer in maintaining quality controls and providing our clients with all the technical service they may require.
Our staff, whom are proud Eswatinis, have been extensively trained and are more than capable of maintaining the required standard with stringent quality control tests that are carried out in our laboratory. Every batch that has been produced is tested, figure’s recorded and all samples are kept for a minimum of 5 years.

Monthly sales are increasing and our products are now penetrating markets beyond Eswatini. Apart from local outlets Star Paint is distributed to Mozambique, South Africa and Zimbabwe with exports of up to 7 tons daily. Star Paint is proud to be considered as one of the major players in paint industry in both Eswatini and Mozambique.

In addition to the laboratory staff, Star Paint employs 26 Eswatini nationals all of whom have received and continue to receive on-going training in paint production.

Star Paint (Pty) Ltd. has enjoyed rapid growth in sales and exports, which we attribute to willingness on the side of the market to try a different product.

We knew it would be difficult to penetrate Markets of established producers, but by adhering to strict quality control and redesigning our packaging and marketing strategy, we were able to enter the market successfully.

We are constantly developing our products in conjunction with our South African based suppliers such as a tinting system that allows us to reproduce consistent colours in a matter of minutes.

Over 1200 colours are just the click of a button away.

Factory Stock.

Star Paint Outlet.

At Star Paint we are so confident in our range that we back it up!

Star Paint is the only Paint Manufacturer in Eswatini that is a member of the South African Paint Manufacturing Association (SAPMA). As members of SAPMA we are subject to stringent quality and process controls as well as on-going audits to ensure we are in-line with international standards. All major producers are affiliated to this body and it is internationally recognised as the leading body for Southern Africa. You can put your mind at ease knowing that our quality is guaranteed.


All products being used and applied should be in accordance with the Star Paint (Pty) Ltd. specification.


Star Paint Management


To be an ethical, sustainable company and acknowledged as the leading provider of colour in the lives of those around us.


We will put some colour in your life and provide the best paint solutions with the best team in the industry.

We commit to growing our market share and profitability with our focus on a culture of excellence, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and efficient business processes.

Paint manufacturing is a specialised process and is closely related to rubber and plastic technology. The industry can be broadly grouped into four categories:

Domestic & Household (Decorative)

Wood finishes


Industrial (Heavy, light duty & powder coating)


We are committed to providing the highest quality of service combined with the lowest possible price. We guarantee to beat any genuine written quotation you may have obtained from any reputable manufacturer.

Star Paint (Pty) Ltd. undertakes to honour our guarantee in the event of any faults arising out of the use of our products within the stipulated guarantee period. All issues will be investigated and rectified at our cost.

Our commitment to service quality is always at the forefront of our mindset and our staff are friendly and always offer service with a smile. We strive to not only meet expectations, but to exceed them and set new standards. Our dispatch is always efficient and well stocked and delays for paint are unheard of at Star Paint where we like to say:


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