Stand a chance to have your house painted for FREE!

A lot of of us are privileged to own our own homes in this vibrant Kingdom of ours and we all take pride in making sure that our houses look good…


Beige paint is a classic favourite for a reason

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Maroon: 5 ways to use it in your home

When considering colour palettes for your home, maroon is definitely one to add to the list. Marvellous maroon is the perfect intensity of red to add dollops of warmth wherever…

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What to paint to improve home value

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Colour palettes inspired by nature

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How to make your new home feel like home

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How to remove spilt paint from any surface

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8 ways to save money when painting

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4 fun tropical paint colours for summer

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Best kids bedroom paint colours

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How much paint do I need for my paint project?

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Spring paint palettes inspired by flowers

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