Be inspired by the spring/summer 2019 colour palette

The warmer months always bring out nature’s brighter colours. Therefore we always see the trending colour palette for spring/summer inspired by these colours. Let this inspiration flow into your home….


Beige paint is a classic favourite for a reason

Beige paint has been a staple in many homes as a go-to interior and exterior paint colour due to its neutrality and timeless chic essence. Many homes have used this…


Coral paint: How to use this bright colour in your home

Coral (living coral, specifically) has been voted the pantone of the year for 2019 and there’s a great reason for that. It is beautiful and bright and adds a lot…


Maroon: 5 ways to use it in your home

When considering colour palettes for your home, maroon is definitely one to add to the list. Marvellous maroon is the perfect intensity of red to add dollops of warmth wherever…


Painting with mustard – the colour, that is

No, we don’t mean the sauce that you squirt onto your hotdogs with tomato sauce. We’re talking about the trendy paint colour that offers property owners versatility and warmth. If you’re…

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What to paint to improve home value

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7 easy ways to increase home value

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colour palettes

Colour palettes inspired by nature

There is so much loveliness to be found in nature that it’s no wonder humans get inspired by it all the time. There are spectacular colour palettes all around us….

mix paint colours

How to mix paint colours and some popular suggestions

There are A LOT of colours. And then, there are A LOT of different tints, shades and tones for each colour. Although this can seem quite overwhelmingly, the advantage is…

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How to make your new home feel like home

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What to do to your new home before you move in

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How to remove spilt paint from any surface

Paint spills are inevitable, but they don’t have to be permanent. It is usually possible to remove paint from any surface. Some surfaces or spills may make it a bit…