Can I paint ceramic tiles?

Can I paint ceramic tiles?

One of the most commonly asked questions for bathroom or kitchen DIY is, “Can I paint ceramic tiles?” The short answer is yes! Painting your ceramic tiles is not only…

How to whitewash wooden furniture

How to whitewash wooden furniture

Why whitewash wooden furniture? It’s an affordable and enjoyable way to transform old pieces of wooden furniture. It really does give them a new lease of life. Many people can…

Star Food Grade Enamel

Star Food Grade Enamel: durable and eco-friendly

Star Food Grade Enamel paint is an eco-friendly coating designed for use where resistance to constant humidity and repeated scrubbing with detergents is desired. This coating also helps prevent mould…

star solar shield

Star Solar Shield: Star Paint’s heat reflective paint

When the temperature climbs, we all want an effective way to keep cool. And as the sun blazes down on your roof, it makes sense to shield your home from…

productivity inspiring paint colours

Productivity inspiring paint colours for office spaces

Is your office space terribly boring? Perhaps all that is needed for office spaces is productivity inspiring paint colours. It has been proven that colour impacts productivity at work. So,…

favourite shades of grey

Our favourite shades of grey

There is so much more to grey than grey. Grey has many shades, and each shade of grey paint will add something unique to the space where it is applied….

Paintbrush preservation

Paintbrush preservation: make paintbrushes last longer

Good quality paintbrushes can be pricey, so it would be ideal to learn more about paintbrush preservation. With anything in life, you want to get a great return on your…

painting shortcuts

Don’t take these painting shortcuts

It’s very tempting to take shortcuts when you’ve decided to do the painting yourself. But, as Bo Bennett said, “When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts.” If you…

Essential paint tools

7 essential paint tools

So, you have decided to do some painting around the home, but you don’t have any tools. Here is a list of some essential paint tools that you will need…

8 warm paint colours that make homes feel cosy

8 warm paint colours that make homes feel cosy

There are some warm paint colours that make your home feel cosy. This is because a paint colour has a visual temperature. So, when you’re trying to create a feeling…