Quality Control

Quality Control Procedure

Star Paint utilize an extensive array of quality control measures. The ingredients and the manufacturing process undergo stringent tests, and the finished product is checked to insure that it is of high quality. A finished paint is inspected for its density, fineness of grind, dispersion, PH and viscosity. The paint is then applied to a surface and studied for bleed resistance, rate of drying, and texture.

In terms of the paint’s aesthetic components, colour is checked by an experienced observer and by spectral analysis to see if it matches a standard desired colour. Resistance of the colour to fading caused by the elements is determined by exposing a portion of a painted surface to an arc light and comparing the amount of fading to a painted surface that was not so exposed. The paint’s hiding power is measured by painting it over a black surface and a white surface. The ratio of coverage on the black surface to coverage on the white surface is then determined, with .98 being high-quality paint. Gloss is measured by determining the amount of reflected light given off a painted surface.

Tests to measure the paint’s more functional qualities include one for mar resistance, which entails scratching or abrading a dried coat of paint. Adhesion is tested by making a cross-hatch, calibrated to .07 inch (2 millimetres), on a dried paint surface. A piece of tape is applied to the cross-hatch, then pulled off; good paint will remain on the surface. Scrubability is tested by a machine that rubs a soapy brush over the paint’s surface. A system also exists to rate settling. An excellent paint can sit for six months with no settling and rate a ten. Poor paint, however, will settle into an immiscible lump of pigment on the bottom of the can and rate a zero. Weathering is tested by exposing the paint to outdoor conditions. An exterior surface is painted in direct sun, water, extreme temperature and humidity.

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