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10 Ways to Reinvent Any Room with Crown Molding

Crown molding brings elegance to nearly any space. Whether you choose to use it around windows and doorways or to line the top of the kitchen cabinets, crown molding adds a classic finishing touch that pulls together a room’s design elements. Installing crown molding is an accessible DIY project, and there are plenty of places in your home to put it. So, check out our favorite crown molding ideas, and then head on over to the lumber aisle.

Around the Ceiling

Zillow Digs home in Encino, CA

Putting crown molding along the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling instantly frames a room and gives it a more formal appearance. This classic touch is particularly effective in a dining room, living room, or bedroom. Whether you choose to paint it or stain it, a band of crown molding also offers you the opportunity to accent the color scheme of the space.


Framing a Window

Zillow Digs home in Greenwich, CT

A small detail like surrounding a window with crown molding makes a big change in the look of a room. Windows immediately seem larger, and rooms look brighter. Molding also serves as a visual anchor for window treatments that hang inside the frame.

Above the Cabinets

Zillow Digs home in Seattle, WA

Add crown molding above stock kitchen cabinets for a truly custom, built-in look. This simple project can be accomplished in a weekend with a miter box, saw, hammer, nails, and wood filler. Not only is this upgrade fairly simple to do, but it’s one of the best bangs for your DIY buck.

Over a Storage Shelf

Zillow Digs home on Kiawah Island, SC

Take a plain-Jane, mass-market bookshelf or cubby system to the next level by adding crown molding along the top. This simple step transforms a nondescript utilitarian storage unit into a statement piece that adds structure and style.

Gracing an Archway

Zillow Digs home in Charlotte, NC

Elevate an archway by encasing it in crown molding. This sweep of trim can turn an indistinct threshold between two rooms into a meaningful transition. Use this idea to add a bit of elegance to an ordinary entryway or to frame the view into a formal dining room.

Supporting a Display

Create a custom display shelf with stock lumber and a length of crown molding. You’re sure to find a style of molding that suits your taste and decor among the many different options available at your local big-box store or lumberyard. When it’s complete, use your one-of-a-kind shelf to show off travel treasures, family photos, or your favorite collection.


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Adorning a Built-In

Zillow Digs home in Arlington, VA

Built-in storage units are justly popular for their practicality and their seamless look. Line the top of your built-ins with crown molding to give them a more custom appearance and a sense of permanence. Crown molding can even be used to create a cleaner transition between the cabinets and ceiling. Either way, the molding will provide the finishing touch that integrates your built-ins with the rest of the room.


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On Top of a Door

Zillow Digs home in New Albany, OH

Accentuate a doorway by topping it with a hefty crown molding and stock lumber. You don’t even need to dismantle what’s already there—just add a board in the width of your choice above the existing molding, install a piece of decorative trim between them, and then add crown molding to the top. Voilà—a serious entryway!


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Bordering a Coffered Ceiling

Zillow Digs home in Brooklyn, NY

Crown molding can add ambience in a room with coffered ceilings and make it seem larger at the same time. Simply install a bit of crown molding to the lower edge of a coffered ceiling to emphasize the height of the space and achieve a clean, crisp look.


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Corner Blocks

You can amp up the style of any crown molding by adding corner blocks. These bits of trim come in many different styles, from simple to ornate, and can be installed on outside or inside corners of a room. However you choose to use them, they will definitely add polish to your decor.


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