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26 Christmas Color Palette Ideas

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your perfect Christmas theme ahead of decorating your home. Whether you love a fun pop of color or prefer a more neutral vibe, there are plenty of seasonal themes to choose from. Check out our list of 26 Christmas color palettes for a colorful holiday

close up of christmas ornaments on christmas tree

1. Red & green

You can’t go wrong with this classic combo. Red and green complement each other perfectly, bringing a festive feel to any space.

red christmas ornament on tree

2. White

For minimal and elegant holiday decor, try white. It works as a base for colorful accents or as a chic modern look all on its own.

white modern christmas tree figures

3. Gold

Add some sparkle and warmth to your holiday setup with gold decorations. From wreaths to candleholders to garlands, gold is the ideal companion for both traditional and contemporary decor styles.

gold candle sticks and mantle christmas decor

4. Teal & white

Transform your home into a winter wonderland with teal and white hues. The cool tones are reminiscent of snowy winter days — perfect for those in naturally warmer climates!

silk throw pillows on couch

5. Multicolor

Colorful holiday decor adds a cheerful touch to your space. Play with a multicolored accent piece on the mantel or a variety of ornaments for a colorful Christmas tree.

multicolor jingle bell garland on mantle

6. Black & gold

Black and gold offer a unique twist on traditional decor. Decorate a dark Christmas tree with glowing lights and gold ornaments for a multidimensional holiday look.

black and gold christmas tree

7. Black & white

Combine classic black and white Christmas decor for a contemporary feel. These colors are striking on their own, but also pair well with metallics or other pops of color.

strand of clear twinkle christmas lights

8. Silver

Silver is a chic addition to any holiday decor style. Combine silver and gold for a fully metallic design or add greenery for a contrasting rustic element.

three silver christmas tree figures on window sill

9. Red & gold

Fill your home with Christmas spirit by decorating with warm red and gold hues. These colors look great on a classic green pine tree, a white mantel or even with neutral, wooden tones.

christmas tree decorated with red and gold ornaments

10. Green & silver

Looking for a cool and wintry Christmas color palette? Green and silver are stunning together — each color brings out the best in the other, making for a familiar yet unique design.

disco ball ornaments on tree

11. Neutral

For a cozier, rustic vibe, try a neutral color scheme with woodsy features. Shades of brown, tan and cream feel even warmer when paired with gold accents, but also look gorgeous with green eucalyptus or pine.

mantle decorated with modern wood christmas tree figures

12. Green & gold

Combine earthy green hues with metallic gold for a subtle yet interesting decor theme. These colors work well both inside the home and out — perfect for seasonal patio decorations.

wreath on door with gold and green leaves

13.  Yellow

Spread joy this holiday season with cheery yellow accents. Ranging anywhere from bright canary yellow to deeper yellow-orange, this sunny color is sure to brighten even the dreariest winter days.

close up of yellow felt christmas ornament

14. Green & white

Channel the essence of a peaceful, snowy forest with green and white Christmas decor. Lush greenery pops against clean white, adding a wintery touch to minimal decor.

white fireplace with greenery on mantle

15. Red & white

Keep it simple yet festive with a red and white Christmas color palette. Whether you go with candy cane-inspired stripes, polka dots or classic color blocks, red and white decor embodies the magic of the holiday season.

red and white stockings against white fireplace

16. White & gold

If you prefer a more sophisticated and modern approach, decorate your space with white and gold. This stunning color combo is sure to impress on its own, but also serves as a sleek backdrop for other accent colors.

marble and gold christmas stocking holders

17. Red & silver

For some, bolder is better. Another option for combining a classic Christmas color with a metallic hue, red and silver offer a unique, eye-catching twist on traditional decor.

faux berry balls in silver bowl

18. Green & brown

Perhaps the most earthy holiday colors, green and brown are perfect for a rustic, woodsy decor theme. Embrace the natural beauty of your surroundings by combining pinecones and dried leaves with pine, eucalyptus and other fresh greenery.

magnolia wreath on door

19. Pink

Dreaming of a pink Christmas? Add a pop of this whimsical color to bring together an unconventional decor theme.

pink and gold ball ornaments on christmas tree

20. Blue & silver

Households that celebrate multiple holidays might consider a blue and silver Christmas tree. Classic Christmas decorations become even more festive by including a special tribute to Hanukkah.

dreidel ornament on christmas tree

21. Cream

Bring a cohesive look to your space with cream-colored holiday decor. The neutral hue is perfect for playing off accent pieces or on its own for a simple theme.

cream paper ornaments on christmas tree

22. Blush

For a touch of softness that’s not often found with bold red and gold hues, blush adds a pretty flair to your holiday theme. Round out your decor with other pastel colors or keep it all blush — your tree will be lovely either way!

blush circular ornament on tree

23. Red & brown

While brown can be woodsy and neutral, pairing it with red adds another layer of festivity. These colors will make your space extra cozy while you cuddle up and wait for the gingerbread cookies to come out of the oven!

three gingerbread ornaments on tree

24. Gray

Although not typically considered a Christmas color, classic grey will never go out of style. It’s the perfect complement to other neutral colors for a homey holiday feel.

close up of felt reindeer figure

25. Purple

Looking for an underrated holiday color theme? Purple Christmas decorations are the way to go! Add a splash of this nontraditional color to show off your personality and spice up your decor.

close up of food ornaments

26. Green & cream

Green and cream join forces for a subtle Christmas palette. The best part? The neutral simplicity of this color theme is ideal for any space, big or small.

several accordion paper christmas trees

Feeling inspired to start decorating your home for the holidays? Be sure to choose a Christmas color palette that speaks to your space and personal design style. No matter which theme you decide to go with, there are plenty of decor options that are sure to get you in the holiday spirit!

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