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30 Colors That Go With Mauve (Color Palettes)

Mauve is a pale purple shade with gray and blue undertones. It sits between violet and pink on the color wheel. William Perkin, a chemistry student, accidentally made it in 1856 while trying to make quinine from coal tar. Today, this beautifully unique color is right at home in many different types of interiors.

What Colors Go With Mauve?

Here’s a selection of colors that go with mauve, along with color palette examples:

1. Black and Mauve

Black and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000000, #daaaee, #f9f9ed

This color combination was especially popular in the 1980s, but you can use it to create chic, thoroughly modern color schemes as well. One way to use both is to intersperse elements of both black and mauve into a soft cream or beige color scheme. In a living room, add art pieces that include both colors. Include a black-framed glass coffee table and a mixture of cream, mauve, and black accent pillows.

2. Teal and Mauve

Teal and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #008080, #d9bbf9, #c9e4ca

Need a color scheme that pops? Teal and mauve is an excellent choices. Try this combination in a bedroom: the contrast is dynamic, but teal’s cool depth can be surprisingly soothing. Add a mauve bedspread in front of a teal accent wall. Pale wooden furniture and other cream or soft beige accents will help keep the look just soft enough.

3. Warm Beige and Mauve

Warm Beige and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #f5f5dc, #e0a4f4, #604d53

This one isn’t really a monochromatic combination, but beige and mauve are similar enough that combining them gives you a color scheme that’s fairly close. Warm beige is especially great, as its warm cast helps to balance out mauve’s cooler undertones of blue and gray.

There’s not really a wrong way to combine these colors. But if you want to do something especially stunning, you can use these colors for a room with an alcove area. Paint the regular walls warm beige and then paint the inset part of the wall mauve. This look goes especially well with gold hardware and accessories.

4. Blush Pink and Mauve

Blush Pink and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #f1abb9, #e5b6f6, #696779

If you want to create a space that’s both soft and welcoming, try combining mauve with different shades of pink! Blush pink is a good one to choose: it’s quiet enough that it won’t compete with mauve. Try a living room with pale blush pink walls and bold mauve furniture.

Layered looks are always a good choice, so you might consider using this color combination with several other pink shades falling roughly between the two. If you want to keep up the pink theme, add rose gold hardware and decorations, too.

5. Tangerine Orange and Mauve

Tangerine Orange and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #f28500, #d6adeb, #858585

This combination might sound dubious at first. Even though mauve has cool undertones, it’s still warm-leaning. And of course, tangerine is a very warm shade of orange!

However, these two can actually work harmoniously in the right context. The key is to use them with a cool neutral like gray. For instance, you might try a tangerine-colored sofa in a room with pale gray walls. Add a couple of mauve pillows and a coordinating lampshade, and you have a standout look!

6. Light Wood Tones and Mauve

Light Wood Tones and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #d7ba89, #dfc3fd, #f2e4f2

You can’t go wrong with wood tones of any shade. But if you want to capitalize on mauve’s soft appeal, light wood tones are perfect. This palette is a natural fit for a nursery. You might include a light wooden crib, bookshelves, and other accessories in a room with mauve walls. You can keep the look monochromatic with mauve and white wall art or mix things up a bit with some unexpected pops of color.

7. Mustard Yellow and Mauve

Mustard Yellow and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ffdb58, #ecadff, #675c99

This is another somewhat unexpected combination. But if you want to imbue your space with old-school style, it’s a great one to pick. One of the best ways to use these two is to pair old-style mustard velour couches with mauve walls. Try adding a couple of mustard-yellow accents to tie everything together.

If you want something a bit more unusual, try pairing these colors in a bedroom. In a room with beige walls, a velour mauve quilt and velour mustard pillows create a funky, memorable look.

8. Ivory and Mauve

Ivory and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #fffff0, #e099ff, #331832

It’s easy to confuse ivory and cream, as both are shades close to warm white. However, ivory is cooler-leaning and closer to white. Cream has buttery yellow undertones. You often see ivory used in upscale color schemes, while cream lends itself to use in farmhouse-style aesthetics.

Ivory is most commonly used as a wall color, and it looks great on walls with crown molding and similar features. Try it in a dining room: start with ivory walls and add a table with a mauve table runner. From there, add chairs with upholstered mauve seat cushions. A pewter-famed mirror adds the perfect finishing touch.

9. Espresso Brown and Mauve

Espresso Brown and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #363031, #d4a9ef, #fcf7ee

When it comes to leather couches, espresso brown is a classic. As a darker neutral, it’s a fantastic color if you need a grounding influence in a room. Pairing it with mauve is easy enough: all you need to do is combine espresso brown leather couches and chairs with mauve walls, accent pillows, rugs, and lampshades. Ivory wall trim and curtains will give it a vintage-inspired look.

If you’re designing a bedroom, study, or other room, you can still use this great color scheme. Just substitute espresso brown wooden furniture for leather furniture.

10. Emerald Green and Mauve

Emerald Green and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #50c878, #ebc2ff, #847979

If you keep up with interior design trends at all, you probably already know that emerald green is in vogue. This blue-tinged green is perfect for classing up any space, and it’s also great for creating high-energy contrasts with coral and other shades of pink.

Since emerald tends to go well with most shades of pink, it’s no surprise that it’s right at home next to mauve. This pretty combination is a great choice for a bedroom. Emerald green walls make a statement while also helping you feel ensconced. A gentle mauve bedspread (or a bedspread patterned in mauve and white) offers a welcoming respite from the day. If this room includes metal fixtures, gold is a perfect choice.

11. Royal Blue and Mauve

Royal Blue and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #4169e1, #e7b6f7, #f6f5f3

Royal blue is a bold shade. In the right hands, it can really transform a room! And like many blue shades, it also looks good with mauve. If you choose this combination, don’t be afraid to get creative. Some designers successfully combine a royal blue velour sofa with exposed beans painted mauve. If you like the color combination but would rather go for something a little more traditional, try this color combination with mauve walls instead of exposed beams.

12. Cool White and Mauve

Cool White and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #f4fdff, #ce95da, #bdbfc7

Since mauve has cool undertones of blue and gray, cool white is the perfect neutral to pair with it. These shades create a calming palette, especially when you combine them with a soft shade of gray.

These colors will work well together in a living room. Try pairing white walls with very pale gray couches. Add mauve curtains, white and mauve accent pillows, and a central rug with a mauve and white pattern. The colors are soft enough that the palette will work almost like a monochromatic one, but there’s enough contrast to also make the look a dynamic one.

13. Peach and Mauve

Peach and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #ffcda2, #e4b4f8, #f5f2f8

The combination of peach and mauve is another almost-monochromatic one, or at least it can be. You can combine diluted shades of both for a smooth, airy look. But if you’d rather add a high-energy pop of color to the mix, choose a bright, saturated shade of peach to combine with mauve.

For a truly unique look, paint the walls of your living room (or at least an accent wall) bright peach. Add vintage-style mauve velour furniture. To make sure the look is light enough, add cool white accent pillows and a cool white shaggy rug. With this type of design scheme, you can incorporate elements of classic decor while still giving the whole room a modern twist.

14. Lavender and Mauve

Lavender and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #dcdcf9, #d6b0fd, #b3b3bc

If you aren’t too familiar with the subtle differences between colors, you might not be quite sure of the difference between lavender and mauve. Both have blue undertones, but lavender is a shade of purple. Mauve is a shade of pink.

Even though they’re similar, lavender and mauve aren’t too similar to be used together. If you want to create a cool, soothing living room, start with lavender walls and add in mauve chairs and/or couches. A soft gray rug and white wall trim help keep everything in balance. A dark brown mantle and/or dark wooden frames on the furniture can add a grounding influence.

15. Rose Gold and Mauve

Rose Gold and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #f4cbc6, #daa9ef, #baa0a0

Rose gold is sometimes used as a color for fabric and paint, and it’s very similar to blush pink. Here, we’re talking about rose gold as a metallic. Metallics are great for adding pizazz to any space, and rose gold’s pinkish glow is perfect for using alongside mauve.

You can round out this palette with cool white and pale wood tones. For example, in a home office, you might include mauve walls, a pale wooden desk, and a white rug. Add a rose gold hanging light fixture and rose gold hardware, and you’ll have a beautifully soft-colored space.

16. Ash Blue and Mauve

Ash Blue and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #a7c2cc, #d79ce7, #fcf3ee

Sometimes, combining shades of blue and pink can make a space look like a baby shower invitation! But when you use the right hues of mauve and ash blue, you can avoid that pitfall and create a beautifully modern space.

Ash blue is a pale shade that’s right between blue and gray. Depending on the exact shade you use, it may look more blue or more gray. It’s a great wall color if you don’t want to stray too far from white but want something with a little more character. Walls like this will look especially stunning with navy or charcoal furniture and a large wall hanging that’s mostly mauve.

17. Gold and Mauve

Gold and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #d4af37, #d9b8f4, #644077

We mentioned above that rose gold is a great metallic to pair with mauve. However, gold (the yellow kind) works well, too. It’s an easy way to add a touch of class to your space, and it can be a lot of fun to select the right gold accessories.

This can be a good look for a bathroom. Choose mauve walls and gold towel rods, shower hardware, etc. Use cool white cabinetry and finish off the aesthetic with a black and white tiled floor.

18. Violet and Mauve

Violet and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #7f00ff, #cc9ff9, #f5f2f8

You’ve seen that mauve goes nicely with other shades of pink, but it’s also great for using alongside various types of purple. Violet is a good choice, as its blue undertones coordinate with those of mauve.

If you like bold wall colors, you might try placing mauve furniture in a room with violet walls. But if you want a bright and modern look, start with a living room that is almost all cool white. Add floor-to-ceiling violet curtains, mauve accent pillows, and a mauve rug. Both shades will really pop against the cool white background!

19. Silver and Mauve

Silver and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #c0c0c0, #e4b4f8, #645a54

Here’s another metallic that can add some charm to a mostly-mauve room. Silver is ideal if you want to lean into mauve’s cool undertones and create a palette with just a little sparkle.

One simple way to integrate silver is to add a silver pouf to a mauve living room set. Silver-framed mirrors and wall art will also go well. If you want even more silver, give your room a fun, vintage-inspired facelift with silver and white patterned wallpaper. These walls will go beautifully with mauve-colored furniture, bedspreads, and more.

20. Golden Yellow and Mauve

Golden Yellow and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #fccb06, #d4b0fd, #cbcace

If you like the general idea of mustard and mauve mentioned above but feel like it’s not quite right, try substituting golden yellow for mustard. Golden yellow makes a great high-energy wall color, but you can also use it to add a pop of color to a mostly-cool room. If your living room has mauve walls, a golden yellow accent chair can really shake things up in a good way.

Golden yellow will also be effective in smaller doses. If you have a living room with mauve furniture and gray walls, you might consider adding a burst of energy in the form of a golden yellow wall hanging or two.

21. Tea Green and Mauve

Tea Green and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #d0f0c0, #dba4f4, #4e3d42

Tea green is a light, pastel green color. It’s a wonderful choice if you want to create a playful palette with mauve. Tea green is wonderfully reminiscent of spring. If you aren’t afraid of trying something different, it makes a nice wall color.

Since the combination of tea green and mauve is particularly refreshing, you might want to consider using this combination in a bathroom. Go with natural wooden cabinets, tea green walls, and mauve towels and rugs.

22. Rust and Mauve

Rust and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #b7410e, #d5aaee, #fbf6ef

Rust is an earth tone that’s become somewhat popular in design spaces. You might not think it would work well with mauve, but in the right space, it absolutely can! Try it as part of a layered color palette that incorporates several shades of beige and brown.

In a living room, start out by painting the bottom half of your walls rust and the top half cream. Add in beige living room furniture. From there, include a few mauve accent pillows and lampshades. To tie everything together, you might consider including a mostly-mauve wall hanging or two. This is a look that tends to do well with an eclectic set of decorations!

23. Taupe and Mauve

Taupe and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #483c32, #dfb4f8, #f4f6f4

Beige is arguably one of the most popular neutrals for interiors. But its popularity frequently overshadows taupe, a complex and cool-leaning neutral that works well with a variety of colors. Taupe is a soft brown with gray undertones, and it’s reminiscent of the color of driftwood.

This is a great wall color in a room with mauve furniture, as its gray undertones coordinate with mauve’s undertones. You can keep the look classic with wood floors and a ream-colored rug or add some real distinction with a black and white tiled floor. To keep the cool theme going, add a few photos or pieces of wall art framed in silver.

24. Navy Blue and Mauve

Navy Blue and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #000080, #d9b1fb, #d3d3d9

Navy blue is a timeless color that fits nicely into almost any style of decor. Navy walls can be a great way to make a statement, but if you’d prefer a softer color, try painting your living room walls mauve. A navy blue velvet couch will look stunning here! If that’s a little too much blue, choose white, pale gray, or beige living room furniture and add navy accent pillows and a navy rug. Alternatively, a mauve-walled bedroom with a navy blue bedspread can serve as a calming sanctuary. Add a few pieces of mostly-navy wall art to complete the palette!

25. Sage Green and Mauve

Sage Green and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #9caf88, #e4adff, #705d5c

Sage green and mauve go beautifully together. After all, pinks and greens are ideal if you’re going for a color scheme that pops. But both of these shades have grayish undertones, so they’re perfect if you’re going for a slightly muted take on this classic combination.

This gentle palette is perfect for a bedroom. Start with sage green walls to create a sense of groundedness and calm. From there, add a mauve-colored bedspread with sage pillows and an accent blanket. A white rug is a good addition, too. This palette works well with wood flooring and wooden furniture. Most wood tones will work well, although a grayish-brown stain will mirror the cooler undertones of both mauve and sage.

26. Charcoal Gray and Mauve

Charcoal Gray and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #36454f, #d3aaee, #f7f7f3

Like pink and green, the combination of pink and charcoal is a classic as well. Mauve’s grayish undertones make it a great companion for charcoal. Plus, charcoal is dark enough to do a great job of grounding the space. Especially with lighter shades of mauve, it can be easy for a color scheme to look too light and airy.

Try this color scheme in a living room. Include mauve walls with white wall trim and white curtains. Add charcoal gray couches and chairs with mauve accent pillows. A central rug patterned with mauve and white will bring the look together.

27. Aubergine and Mauve

Aubergine and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #472c4c, #d6adff, #fbfbef

Aubergine is French for “eggplant,” and this color is a similarly dark purple. It’s recently become a popular wall color among those who like bold and unusual walls. Thanks to mauve’s purplish undertones, aubergine actually goes well with it.

You could create a palette using these two colors and a neutral, but if you’re up for an adventure, try including mauve and aubergine in an eclectic palette. Imagine this: the walls are aubergine, the wall hangings are framed in gold, and there’s one red couch and one mauve couch. A green plant and a blue-green and red coffee table add an unexpected touch.

28. Cream and Mauve

Cream and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #fffdd0, #deaaee, #8a8797

Mauve looks nice with white and ivory, but if you’d prefer a warmer neutral, try cream! Cream is ideal for creating rustic aesthetics or warm, enveloping neutral spaces.

The combination of cream and mauve is perfect for bedrooms. Cream walls are a good place to start. From there, add a mostly-white bedspread with a mauve accent blanket and pillows. Add in a mauve rug and a mauve wall hanging or two, and your color scheme is complete.

29. Turquoise and Mauve

Turquoise and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #30d5c8, #e5b6f6, #5c4754

Want a space that’s both high-contrast and highly memorable? Try a turquoise and mauve palette. Turquoise is a vibrant blue-green. You can combine it with clay red for a Southwest-inspired look or pair it with light gray for a sleeker, more modern look.

If you want to add a bold wall color, combine turquoise walls with mauve curtains and accent pillows. Include either gray or clay red couches. Or if you want a space that’s more neutral, include light gray walls and couches.

30. Pale Gray and Mauve

Pale Gray and Mauve Color Palette

Hex Codes: #d3d3d3, #d6adff, #5a5149

Speaking of light gray, this is an ideal color to pair with mauve. If you’re a fan of pastel aesthetics, try combining very pale mauve and very pale gray. This combination does well when it’s layered together. For example, you might try a bedroom with pale gray walls, a mauve bedspread with a few gray accent pillows, and a rug with a mauve and gray pattern. If you’d prefer to add a little more variation, try mixing in cream as well.

Colors That Go With Mauve

Mauve is a classy, delicate shade that you can use to create a palette in almost any style. Whether you’re pairing it with ivory for a soft, vintage-inspired look or combining it with green for a contemporary pop of color, mauve has something in store for your next project!

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