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5 of the best kitchen paint colours

The heart of any household, the kitchen is where most people spend the majority of their time. Whether they are cooking, eating or entertaining, this room needs to be an attractive and welcoming place so that you enjoy spending time in it. When redecorating the kitchen, many people lean towards white paint in an effort to brighten the room. As we all know, however, white can quickly become stained or dull. With that in mind, we have put together a list of the best kitchen paint colours that will help to boost your mood and inspire your creativity while cooking.

The best kitchen paint colours

1. Cerulean blue

This cool blue shade gives you the brightness of a white kitchen, while offering a touch of colour to your kitchen. It looks great on the walls, beautifully complementing any white counters, cupboards or accessories you might have, and it sets a peaceful and calming mood for the room.

2. Dark blue-grey

If you have a large, airy kitchen with white cupboards, you can afford to go a little darker on your walls. Or if you have light walls and you’d like to go darker on your cupboards, a dark blue-grey will work ownderfully. Nothing is classier than a dark blue-grey shade that will hide any spills or stains that are typical of a busy kitchen environment. Stylish and practical, this shade is surely one of the best kitchen colours for bright rooms with lots of natural light.

3. Pale grey

If you love the idea of grey but have a small kitchen with little natural light, then take a look at a lighter variation. Pale grey is actually excellent at reflecting the light and making small spaces seems larger and brighter, and, therefore, more welcoming. Pale grey is also one of the best kitchen paint colours to use if you want to incorporate a shabby chic effect with a bit of whitewashing.

4. Mint green

Colours don’t come much fresher than a crisp mint green – it’s guaranteed to breathe new life into a tired old kitchen. The subtle shade will ensure that all your colourful accessories still look good against it, but it really comes to life against a kitchen with white cupboards and bowls overflowing with fruit!

5. Mushroom grey

Grey really is the choice of the trendiest kitchens at the moment, but the shade is up to you. We love a mushroom grey colour, since it is one of the most versatile shades. Combine with black and white cupboards, cabinets and counters for a sleek minimalist design or add an accent of turquoise for an unusual but stunning twist.

Helpful hints for DIYers

When deciding on the best kitchen paint colours, look for satin or semi-gloss paints – they can be wiped down if needed and are much more forgiving on uneven surfaces. Make sure to thoroughly clean the walls before painting, especially around the cooker.

Don’t forget, you can update your kitchen without touching the walls – cupboards, kitchen furniture and even the skirting can all benefit from a fresh lick of paint from time to time and help you create your dream kitchen.

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