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5 fabulous front door paint colours

A fresh coat of paint on your front door is a fantastic way to enhance your home’s entrance. Adding some colour to the first touchpoint you and your guests encounter will communicate friendliness and add vibrancy to your home’s environment.

Step 1: Prepare the front door

Front doors do require some TLC from time to time because of their exposure to the outside elements. So before you put brush to wood, prepare your front door for painting. Take the front door off its hinges, remove the handle and cover any glass with painter’s tape, as it will make it a lot easier to work with and you’re more likely to get a professional result. Place the door in a well-ventilated space to promote speedier drying times. Use paint stripper to remove any current coats of paint and then use an electric sander to smooth the door’s surface. You may also need to use some sandpaper to manually get into the little spaces the sander can’t reach. After sanding, give the door a good wipe down to remove all the dust. Next up, you will want to apply primer or undercoat to ensure the paint adheres better to the door. A primer will also provide the door with additional all-weather protection.

Step 2: Choose a paint colour

There is an endless choice of paint colours these days, but which ones will work best for your front door? Your front door is your home’s first impression, so you need to consider the colour carefully. Recognise and work with your home’s personality and style. Remember to think about how the colour will look in the entrance hall when the door is open and how it will contrast with its exterior environment. Here are five fabulous front door paint colours to choose from.


A red front door may seem like a courageous choice, but it has become a popular colour for front doors. It’s a passionate colour that conveys confidence. Designer Raun Thorp says, “There’s something about a red door that says, ‘Come in. Good things are inside.’ It’s very joyful and welcoming, and gutsy at the same time.” A home with a red front door is like a woman with red lips – both successfully grab attention and woo visitors.


Some say that orange is the new red when it comes to front doors because it’s youthful, daring, chic, dramatic and appealing. Orange is a brave choice, but ignites happiness when you imagine walking through an orange front door after a long, hard day. It’s brave, energetic and inspiring. If you want to promote a warm welcome for your family and guests then orange is the colour for you. Add a burst of sunshine to your home with a peach, pumpkin or pastel orange.


Many steer away from a green door for fear that it will blend in with the garden greens, but it can actually highlight the natural colours in your home’s landscape. Green communicates balance, earthly harmony and new beginnings. Create a calming entrance effect with a dark green, a fresh one with a lighter green and a fun one with a lime green. Whatever shade of green you choose, it will inevitably be viewed as cooling and relaxing.


Paint your front door a dark blue for a classic Victorian look or an ocean blue for a beach house look. Blue is a safe choice if you want to create a soothing, refreshing atmosphere for your home. It’s a versatile, much-loved colour with different shades that will work in a variety of home settings. Painting your front door blue has the potential of establishing a peaceful and memorable welcome into your home. It works especially well in hot climates or busy cities by promising visitors a cool, calm hideaway.


The classic grey and white look definitely works to create a beautiful home exterior. A grey front door doesn’t have to be dull. In fact, it can be very effective when contrasted with the rest of the home and its sophisticated neutrality creates an elegant look. If you are leaning toward keeping your front door white because “it’s always been like that” or because “it matches the rest of your house” then why not be a bit adventurous and try a shade of grey?

Step 3: Paint the front door

Start painting the edges and details on your front door first. Use a small paintbrush to make sure you get into all the difficult places. Then you can use a paint roller to roll a consistently smooth layer of paint on the flat parts of the door. Don’t forget the edges of the door because you want a uniform appearance, whether the door is open or closed. If necessary, use a paintbrush to smooth over any uneven roller marks. You can then put the door back on its hinges when it’s completely dry.

And there you have it. Nothing says, “Welcome” like a fabulous front door with a refreshing coat of paint. Make an impact today by painting your front door.

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