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8 warm paint colours that make homes feel cosy

There are some warm paint colours that make your home feel cosy. This is because a paint colour has a visual temperature. So, when you’re trying to create a feeling of warmth in your home then you need to avoid the colder colours on the colour wheel (like blue, indigo and violet) and steer towards the hotter hues (like red, orange and yellow). These warm paint colours are said to increase body temperature, and therefore make you feel warmer. The stronger the colour, the warmer the effect.

Warm paint colours conjure images of fire, sunlight and sand, so they add a bit of heat, life and energy to a home. When it’s cold outside, there’s nothing better than coming inside to a cosy home.

Warm paint colours to try

1. Red

Red is often the first warm paint colour people think of. Painting walls any kind of red is a bold move, but if you find the right red then it will warm up the room to just the right temperature. You don’t even have to paint all of the walls in a room – you can choose to focus on a feature or statement wall and it will be just as effective at adding warmth. Red walls also tend to make big spaces feel smaller and more intimate, which adds to the cosiness you want people to experience in your home. Whether you go with a fiery red or a rustic red, it’s best to thoroughly test the colour on your walls by using large swatches and watching how it affects the room throughout the day. But if you’re still not sure about making such a brave statement, you can use softer shades of red. Even a blush pink is an easy way to warm up a room without having to commit to a risky red.

2. Orange

Orange paint colours can affect rooms differently, depending on what shade is chosen. A citrus orange, like tangerine, will make a room come alive with vibrancy, whereas a darker orange, like pumpkin, will create a wonderful warmth. Sunset and burnt oranges make homes pleasantly captivating, and lighter oranges will add a sun-kissed happiness to any room. If you don’t want to go too outrageously orange, why not paint the back of a bookcase or open shelf space with orange to add some spice to your home.

3. Honey

Painting rooms with a beautiful honey paint colour will enhance the illusion of natural sunlight pouring in. This silky smooth colour is elegant and sophisticated. It’s perfect for a living room area as it creates a cosy, comfortable atmosphere, which will put anyone at ease. It goes well with dark wood furnishings and together they create a classic, relaxed environment.

4. Pale yellow

Yellow is a tricky colour to get right, but a paler shade of yellow won’t be too bright and overpowering. A light yellow will give any room a sunny disposition and it will certainly create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. Bring some warm light into your home with a mellow yellow that gives everything a happy glow. And, like sunshine, you’ll find that everything works well with this colour.

5. Cream

White paint colours can be cold, but a cream paint colour will give your walls a subdued hint of warmth. Cream communicates tranquility and will create a cosy environment where people feel relaxed. Cream paint will set a neutral backdrop that is peaceful and inviting. Why not add a spot of sunshine to your home instead of going for a basic white paint?

6. Sage

Some shades of green, particularly those with yellow undertones, can communicate warmth and restfulness. A sage paint colour is soft and unobtrusive, so it complements natural decor items beautifully. Muted greens are becoming very popular as they create a relaxed, earthy ambience in a room.

7. Mustard

A yellow or brown mustard paint colour will work well with other spicy colours like cinnamon, curry and clove. Perhaps it is all the talk of curry and mustard that heat things up, but it is also its relation to yellow and orange that ignites warmth. There is also something about it that communicates sophistication and grandeur.

8. Olive

An olive green paint colour is slightly darker than sage, but creates a similar warming effect. Olive green is a soothing colour that lends an earthy feel to a room. It communicates stability and renewal. It’s a fashionable colour that works well with other neutral colours to develop a cosy, relaxing atmosphere.

Once you have chosen the right warm paint colours for your home, make sure you properly prepare your walls for painting. If you would rather hire a painter to do the job for you then don’t forget to ask your painter some important questions before they get started.

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