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Beige paint is a classic favourite for a reason

Beige paint has been a staple in many homes as a go-to interior and exterior paint colour due to its neutrality and timeless chic essence. Many homes have used this colour to either allow you to bring in brighter colours in the, or bring about a calm feeling to a room or home. It has been considered to be a ‘safe’ colour for many, however we will show you how beige is anything but safe.

In the last few years beige has gotten a bit of a bad wrap for being an easy choice, however research has shown that for many homeowners it seems to be the go-to colour for both interior and exterior paint. It’s a colour that doesn’t distract or evoke negative reactions. It’s fresh and light and easy to pair with.
Beige can be used for various reasons in your home, here are our favourites:

A colour that is calm

Beige paint can bring an incredible sense of calm to your home or work space. It is not loud or distracting colour, and making use of calm colours in your work space or home can reduce stress levels.

Use beige paint to bring out your style

Beige paint is a neutral colour that easily allows you to use it as a tool to play with colours, and yet have your home/ workspace remain calm and serene. Beige paint encourages other colours to pop, and enhances them while still maintaining that sense of calm

Timeless and Classy

Beige paint used on your interior or exterior remains timeless and classy. It will not become outdated and deemed ‘last season’. And it is a colour that appeals to most people. It is light and brings a sense of ‘fresh and new’ to a space.

We highly recommend using beige as either your exterior or interior colour. It is a simple, easy-going colour that will allow you to both keep it simple or play with matching brighter hues.

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