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Best Colors for Gyms and Fitness Rooms

Are you ready to choose color schemes for your home exercise gym or fitness room? Perhaps you are the owner or manager of a commercial fitness gym facility and wish to enhance your patrons’ experience by choosing top ‘fitness stimulating’ color combinations. Or maybe you want to ‘Feng Shui’ your own exercise room.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to spruce up your gym, you are in the right place. We will look at all the colors that best represent fitness and motivate people to achieve their wellness and health goals.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Fitness Color Palette

Home gyms or even commercial fitness facilities vary in space and amount of equipment. Some people have very large home gyms with rows of fitness machines to rival any health club. Others have a small basement gym with just the basic equipment.

In order to choose the right fitness color palette, you must take into account the ages, genders, and how many people are using the gym.

You also need to consider the location of your gym. If the exercise room is located in the basement, then do consider its lighting. Adequate lighting is the most critical factor when decorating home gyms, and that also decides the paint schemes for your gym.

White basement gym interior with blue striped wall and sports equipment

Here are some more factors to consider before zeroing in on a gym color palette:

  • Make sure you have a plan in place to set up all the equipment. You can always consult a trainer when selecting the kind of equipment for your home gym. This may not impact your choice of wall colors, but it can set the tone for its design, layout plan, and other detailing.
  • Every gym should basically have three main areas: a place to do cardio workouts, some free space for floor exercises, and an area to stack up weights.
  • The floor exercise and weight training areas should ideally have a mirror where one can see their form and movements while working out. You may even want to fill up the entire wall with mirrors from ceiling to floor or only place a single small mirror on the wall.
  • Be sure to already have a plan in place for the flooring, whether you want wooden flooring or tiles, and have it covered with rugs or carpets. Certain exercises also need special rubber or foam flooring to prevent muscle fatigue. The color of the flooring can also influence wall colors.
  • If men and women are both planning to use the gym, then choose a color palette that is pleasing to both.
  • Commercial gym facilities can include colors from their brand’s logo on the walls or as accent colors.

Although the above gym colors and layout selection factors are suited for home gyms, commercial gyms can also take them into account.

Best Colors for Professional Fitness Rooms and Home Gyms

When you decorate your gym room with the right colors, you will feel motivated to work out, and it will help create a personal space to unwind after a long day (or start the day right!). The right gym color scheme will also have the proper emotional impact. Here are some of the best color combinations for gyms:


Red colored fitness room with red walls and exercise equipment

Red is an action color – bold, vigorous and stimulating. It actually raises blood pressure and stimulates appetite, stamina, and strength. You can play around with red, gray, and orange with accents of burgundy, wine, or maroon. Darker shades of pink or light red shades also promote a sense of well-being and happiness.


75 Beautiful Home Gym with Orange Walls Ideas & Designs - June 2023 | Houzz AU

Orange is considered one of the best colors for fitness rooms. Like red, orange is stimulating and pleasing to the senses. It is a cheerful, energetic color. Orange is warm, friendly, and refreshing, making it a great color for home gym paint schemes.


Gym in Portland (SE 182), OR | 2330 SE 182nd Ave | Planet Fitness

Are you looking for a happy, joyous, uplifting color to boost your workout routine? Yellow is all of this and more. Go for lighter or paler shades of yellow and gold that stimulate mindfulness and clear thinking. Depending on the accent colors, deep yellow can seem exotic or intimate.


Group of people in gym fitness club center with blue walls

Small doses of pale or light blue and navy blue, teamed with orange, yellow or white, can slow down breathing and blood pressure. Avoid using blue in large quantities; otherwise, that can become overwhelming. Blue-green tones are more calming.


Going Green Redux: The Rise of Environmentally Friendly… | IHRSA

Green is the color of fresh promise, growth, and renewal. It is also the color of restful reflection. Green revives, but it also soothes. Yellow-toned greens are stimulating, whereas blue-toned greens are more calming. Choose green warmed with yellow in case your gym is situated in a cold basement and, conversely, green mixed with blue in case your gym is a south-facing recreation room.


Did you know that purple and lavender are off-beat colors, but they are also some of the best colors for meditation rooms? Purple and its many shades add a hint of regality to a space and also induce a state of restfulness.


Home gym room in the attic in brown and dark gray colors

Neutral shades include shades of brown, gray, white, beige, and black. These can be used standalone or to tone down other bright shades, acting like ‘peacemakers’ in the process. You can use either pale or darker tones of these neutral shades to either achieve a ‘reasonable and expansive’ or, conversely, ‘dramatic and graphic’ effect. Note that the best colors of fitness websites also fall in the category of neutrals. This can be seen on the websites of top gyms including Throwback FitGold’s Gym, and Crossfit Foundation.

Feng Shui Exercise Room Tips

Use the following rules when creating your exercise room with a Feng Shui design in mind.

Keep It Attractive

By choosing attractive schemes, you will feel more inclined to spend time in the exercise room. You can paint the walls in any color you love. Choose earth colors that are grounding instead of pink and lavender, which can be physically empowering. Hang pictures of lakes, mountains, or places you want to visit on the walls.

Design the Room Efficiently

Home gym with fitness equipment and yellow painted walls

The home exercise room should encourage you to move about freely instead of bumping into equipment or walls. Place exercise pieces so that they are accessible but not obstructive.


Qi/Chi, or circulation of life energy, is an important factor in Feng Shui design for exercise rooms. So make sure the room is well ventilated. If you can add plants, that would be best, but if you cannot, you can place pictures of plants on the walls.

Proper Placement

Depending on how much equipment you need, ensure you have adequate space. If you need a TV in the room, make sure you can see both the TV and the door or a window. It is nice to have an opening in the room to keep eyes on distant objects and prevent eyes from tiring.

We hope these tips help you find the perfect colors for your gym so you can enjoy those tough workouts in pleasant surroundings.

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