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Colour combos that actually work well together

There are millions of colours and then there are millions upon millions of colour combos. Colours belong together. Each colour is capable of complementing another. Here are some odd colour combos, which you may not have imagined work well together, but when you see them next to one another you will realise that they actually work surprisingly well together. And you may even consider some of these colour combos for your home.

7 colour combos

1. Lemon and lime

This is certainly a bright and bold colour combo! You may decide that it is an odd choice, but when done tastefully and cleverly this lemon and lime colour combo works well together. It’s fun, fresh and fabulous! Perhaps it is a nice option for a kitchen or outdoor space.

2. Burnt orange and sky blue

Balance is important in this high-contrasting colour combo, but the soft coolness of the blue works so well with the spicy warmth of the orange. If planned out well then it could certainly work in a bedroom. Otherwise a small bathroom could benefit from this colour combo.

3. Baby blue and light yellow

This colour combo is versatile as you can either balance the colours equally or make one of the colours dominant and just add touches of the second one. These two lighter hues are a perfect match for a baby’s bedroom for either gender – just use more blue for a boy. It can also work very well in a kitchen.

4. Deep red and dark green

Red and green don’t only belong to Christmas time. This intriguing colour combination makes quite a statement, but should be used carefully in well-lit rooms spaces. As opposites on the colour wheel, red and green always work well together.

5. Pastel pink and navy blue

The softness of a light/pastel pink works well with the strength of a dark/navy blue – whether in casual or formal situations. Pink is often avoided in the home as it is may come across as too feminine, but when used with a masculine navy blue it’s a perfect relationship.

6. Lime green and brilliant pink

A more funky colour combination you may not find. They’re a great couple though, complementing one another’s vibrant characters. Lime green and bright pink are both bright colours that can’t be missed, so you’ll have to use the combo carefully in small spaces indoors or perhaps in outdoor entertainment areas.

7. Mocha brown and ravishing red

The smooth mocha brown softens the bright ravishing red in this colour combination. You wouldn’t think these colours would work well together, but they do. And it works wonderfully in living areas as it creates a somewhat cosy and welcoming environment.

There are many more colour combinations that you can consider for different spaces in your home. Usually, different shades of the above-mentioned colours will work as well, e.g. brilliant blue with bright yellow (instead of baby blue and light yellow). Which of these seven options are you going to consider when you paint next?


  • Siboniso Nhleko

    12 February 2019

    Please help me identify suitable colors for my house. The house is roofed with 5 color concrete tiles and fitted with cherry wood aluminum windows and doors.


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