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Colour palettes inspired by nature

There is so much loveliness to be found in nature that it’s no wonder humans get inspired by it all the time. There are spectacular colour palettes all around us. Let’s take a look at four of these natural colour palettes and how they can be used in your home. After all, wouldn’t you want to recreate the feeling of freedom and beauty in your living space?

Four colour palettes inspired by nature


As we head into a new season, it’s easy to spot nature changing colour. What’s not to love about autumn colours? From sunkissed, warm yellows to deep, romantic purples and magnetic, burnt oranges to bright, passionate reds. This heartwarming colour palette is perfect for a cosy lounge or main bedroom. Imagine the walls painted a very light yellow with a maroon couch (or bed) with tasteful orange throw cushions on top of a detailed purple rug. Or mix things around depending on the specific colour in the autumn palette that you’d like to highlight. Once you’ve got the basics covered then you can accent the colour scheme with various decor items like vases, throws or blankets and candles.


The perfect colour palette for a beach home is, of course, an ocean-inspired one. It’s also a
cool option for any warm home that gets a lot of sunshine. Almost everyone desires the chilled, relaxed vibe of being near the ocean. The different shades of blues and greens in this colour palette offer serenity and clarity, so it’s great for a bedroom or office space where clearing one’s head is essential. With this palette, it’s easy to paint your walls with either a darker blue or a lighter one and then complement the room with everything else being in the opposite tint or shade.


There’s something so refreshing about the greens and yellows of a colour palette inspired by leaves and greenery. It’s a great colour scheme option for a kitchen and can be balanced out effectively with the use of white. Perhaps paint your walls a dark green, especially if you have wooden kitchen cupboards, and then complement it with softer green and yellow decor items like light fixtures, household appliances (which come in all sorts of colours these days), tablecloths (if you have a table in your kitchen) and herb planters.


When one thinks of colour, it is easy to think of the millions of flowers found in nature. Flowers come in countless colours. This particular colour palette is a rustic one with wildflowers and straw – a combination you’re most likely to find on a quaint little farm on a quiet, dusty road. The pretty purples and pinks work well with the creams and beiges of this colour scheme. It’s easy to see why it would be a great colour combination for a girl’s bedroom. You can either opt for neutral cream or beige walls with purple and pink linen, curtains and decor or you can paint the walls a soft pink and use the creams and beiges with purple throughout the rest of the bedroom.

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