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Priming colours to warm-up any room in winter

As the days grow shorter, do you wish you could warm up your decor? A beautiful colour scheme can really help to warm-up any room in your home and make it feel warm and cosy. Take your inspiration from the natural landscape or add warm tones to a cool and neutral palette for a feeling of warmth. However, whatever colour scheme you decide to use you’ll achieve the very best results when you use a primer for the perfect finish.

Why do I need to use a primer?

Primer can make the difference between doing a so-so job with flaking paint that needs re-doing in just a few months, or an excellent job that stays looking good for longer. In the same way that a facial primer smooths out the skin so your make-up looks great or underwear helps to act as a necessary protective layer between our skin and our clothes so paint primer helps your walls look their best.

Can I use the same primer for my doors and my walls?

It’s always best to use the right primer for the job. So if you’re painting both your doors and your walls, use Star Paint’s pink wood primer to seal wood which is very porous, and the Star Paint universal undercoat with excellent self levelling properties to provide a smooth base for your painted walls. If you want to paint a metal cabinet to match your decor, then prime with Star Paint’s one coat zinc chromate primer for the best effect. In this way, the paint will have the perfect adhesion and will cover with ease.

Warm-up any room with colour

Once you’ve used primer, you need to think about your colour scheme. Before you start to add colour to your walls, remember the 80/20 rule – 80% neutrals, 20% strong colour. That way you’ll warm-up any room without making it feel claustrophobic or oppressive.

You could also paint your room using a neutral Broken White or Pale Cream from the Star Paint super general purpose acrylic colour range and then use cosy furnishings like rugs, throws, and cushions in spicy reds and oranges to warm up the decor.

Be inspired by nature

Colours like Star Paint’s Saharan Sand, Terra Cotta and African Ivory work beautifully together to warm-up any room. Or pair Dove Grey with a gorgeous pastel pink like Heiress from Star Paint for a very sophisticated take on a cosy colour scheme. You can even have Star Paint super general purpose acrylic paint tinted to match 2000 colours so you can follow your own inspirations.

Use a paint effect

A rich red toned paint like Charm from our Dura Star Acrylic range will instantly warm-up any room by making the walls seem to embrace you with colour. Red, orange and yellow sit next to each other on the colour wheel and are instantly warming.

To enhance the effect, paint the bottom of the wall with a rich red and the upper half with a rich pink or an orange like Spark. You can try this effect with warm tones of cream and gold as well. Or use the same colours to paint thick stripes for instant sophistication and warmth.

Prepare well

Just remember, for any cosy colour scheme to look its best, your walls and doors must be smooth as silk. Use the right primer for the job and you’ll create a rich, warm and elegant scheme that will warm up your interiors until the summer arrives!

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