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Cool colour schemes and paint effects for hot spaces

If you’re about to begin a home decorating project as Swaziland heads into summer and the mercury begins to rise, you might want to consider using the cooler shades on the colour wheel in your interior décor scheme. Here are some ideas for cool colour schemes to make the hot spots in your home feel much more chilled!

Why use cool colour schemes?

Although paint colour won’t actually physically make your rooms cooler, the effect of different shades can make you ‘feel’ cooler.

The colour wheel is divided into warm and cool colours. The cool side of the wheel is full of many different shades of green, violet and blue. If you think of things like the sky, lush green foliage, and water, you will see that these colours are very soothing, calming, and are associated with feelings of being refreshed, shaded, and cool.

Cool colours can also give the feeling that they are receding, making a room feel larger and less confined, adding to the cooling effect.

Paint finishes and effects

For interior walls in sunny rooms, it is best to avoid using a gloss or semi-gloss paint as this can reflect the sun and make the room warmer and overly bright. Instead, choose a matte or eggshell finish that will give a soft lustre, absorbing potentially glaring sunlight and creating a pleasant ambience.

Paint effects for cool colour schemes

There are two paint effects that work particularly well with cool shades. Roughly adding several pretty sky blue or pale grey shades alongside white can create a very effective textured, cloudy sky mural, which immediately makes a room feel cooler. Team this with furnishings in neutral colours for a super-cool effect.

Feathered paint effects look great when done in different shades of vibrant greens against a neutral grey or mushroom background. This scheme works well in living rooms and bedrooms on one main wall, especially when teamed with uplighting and a selection of houseplants, creating a lush oasis of refreshing greenery.


Green is a very calming, neutral shade. It is often seen as representing balance, harmony and hope. The addition of blue creates cooler tones such as teal or a deep, ocean green that has associations with a refreshing dip or crashing waves.

Because of its calming effect, green is a good colour to use in a child’s bedroom. Be careful to keep the tone you choose light though, as too dark a choice can make a room feel smaller.

Blues and purples

Blues are the hues associated with peace and serenity. Different shades of pale blue can be very effective at making a hot room feel cooler and more spacious, and they work well in rooms like a lounge or other space set aside for chilling out.

Shades of purple are associated with romance and softness and are perfect for bedrooms where they can create a peaceful, serene ambience. Beware of choosing a very dark shade though, as this can make a small room feel confined.

Browns and neutrals

Because of its bland nature, brown is viewed as a cool shade when used in soft, mushroom or beige tones. It works well in absorbing bright sunlight and is perfect for use in a small office space where it will give the illusion of openness. Brown is good for creating a peaceful, calm ambience, making it ideal in a home working environment.


Although white is a cool colour and will make a room appear larger, it should be used with caution. Too much white can become glary in a very bright, sunny room and it can also feel very clinical in the wrong setting. However, white does work well on textured brickwork as a ‘feature’ in a living room, for example on an exposed brick chimney breast.

For more inspiration and to take a look at the truly cool colour schemes you could create in your home, check out the wide range of paints available at Star Paint. Contact us if you need some more guidance in painting your home this summer.

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