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Coral paint: How to use this bright colour in your home

Coral (living coral, specifically) has been voted the pantone of the year for 2019 and there’s a great reason for that. It is beautiful and bright and adds a lot of personality to your home. It is definitely a bold colour statement, but you don’t need to be nervous to use it. There are many ways coral paint can enhance your home and style:

A Coral Room

The most obvious reason for choosing coral paint, in our opinion, is to use it to brighten up a room. It lightens the mood of the room immediately, having a dreamy and evocative effect. Coral comes in so many different shades, that you can easily use light coral to lighten a room, while a darker coral paint will liven a room and gives it a fun personality that shines through. It’s a fun way to express yourself. We say use it!

Interior Accent

The most obvious of these would be the accent wall. If you are too worried about having an entire room painted coral, painting an accent wall coral is also effective. It draws the eye into the room, and using it as a decorative paint element will also lessen the need for dramatic decor. Using coral paint on skirting and ceiling has also been proven to be subtle yet stylish. Coral is such a vibrant colour that it adds to any space it is used in.

Outdoor House Colour

Want to stand out? Why not use coral as an exterior house paint colour? It can make your home look warm and welcoming, or fun and creative. All depending on what hue of coral paint you choose, your house’s exterior could really stand out.

Use Coral paint in a small space

If painting the outside of your house is a bit too much for you, why not use coral in a small space like a small guest bathroom? It’s a great colour to use to bring some light and character into a small space, while still being able to use your creative flair.


Don’t be afraid to change up some furniture pieces in your home. Why not give them an update? It is, after all, the colour of the year. Paint your furniture pieces coral and give it and your room a much-needed change. Liven up your office desk, change your bookshelf. You can even paint your front door coral. Just make sure you use this welcoming colour in your home this year.

Which way do you think you would use coral in your home?

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