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Don’t take these painting shortcuts

It’s very tempting to take shortcuts when you’ve decided to do the painting yourself. But, as Bo Bennett said, “When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts.” If you want a professional finish then don’t take these painting shortcuts.

Painting shortcuts

Not preparing properly

You’re busy and you want to get this painting task ticked off the list as quickly as possible, but preparation is key if you want to get it done right the first time. Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Professional painters take a lot of time to clean and prepare walls for painting, and so should you. All of the sanding, scraping, filling, scrubbing and cleaning will be worth it in the long run.

Not protecting valuables

Thinking that you can paint a room without messing is erroneous. Take the time to cover floors, furniture and anything else that you don’t want to ruin with splashes of paint. Use drop cloths, newspaper, brown kraft paper or plastic to protect things while you paint. It’s also important to use painter’s tape to protect the areas that you want to avoid painting. There are many effective ways to use tape when painting.

Not priming

It’s easy to forego a coat of primer if you’re in a rush or just excited to start painting, but it can affect the end result. A primer is necessary to hide the flaws and it will give your walls a much smoother, more professional look. It will also make the paint job last a lot longer.

Not purchasing the right brushes

There are many different types of paintbrushes – cheap and expensive; small and large; synthetic and natural; wooden and plastic; long and short – so it is important to consider what the most appropriate brush will be for the job at hand. Don’t just use the old, used brushes that have been lying in your garage for years. This point equally applies to paint rollers. You can have the best paint in the world, but if the brush or roller you use isn’t right, the finish will look terrible. Rather pay that little bit extra for high-quality brushes or rollers. Besides, if you look after them correctly, they will last for years.

Not painting with the best paint

It’s tempting to go for the cheapest paint in the store, but it is usually not the best option. Low cost and/or low-quality paint is likely to result in an inferior finish that won’t last as long as a better quality paint. Cheap paint is also a nightmare to apply. Take a look at our high-quality paint options.

Not planning your painting

Before you plunge that paintbrush into the paint, make sure you have a plan of action. Don’t start painting randomly. It is best to begin painting from the top and then work your way down, as this means you can paint over any drips as you go. Don’t “scribble” with your paintbrush either. Rather use consistently steady brush strokes that will ultimately result in a velvety smooth finish. Also, make sure you have enough paint before you even get started because you don’t want to have to rush out to buy more in the middle of a job. Plan to paint on days when you have enough time to focus on perfecting the paint job.

If you don’t take these painting shortcuts then you are more likely to attain success. Contact us if you would like some more advice on successful DIY painting.

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