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Indigo Personality: What Your Favorite Color Says About You

Two green apples with an indigo apple in the middle against a white background

Are you creative and spiritual with a flair for the dramatic? If so, your color personality just might be indigo.

There’s a bit of confusion as to what color indigo actually is. Some people consider it to be a shade of purple. Others think it’s more blue. It’s really somewhere in between — indigo sits in the middle of blue and violet on the color spectrum. As with any color, there are several different shades.

Indigo is an interesting color, but it’s also rife with spiritual meaning. Do you have an indigo personality? Do you know someone who does? Let’s find out.

What’s an Indigo Color Personality?

An artistic image of an indigo meditating woman in front of a large moon

As a color, indigo has a rich history. It was initially a dye that came from an ancient plant. It was called “Indian dye,” which became “Indicum” when translated into Latin. Eventually, that name evolved into “indigo.”

Because of the color’s natural roots, many indigo personalities are deeply connected to nature, and they’re often very spiritual people.

Of course, that’s just one facet of this interesting and unusual color personality. Like other color personalities, the indigo personality includes a wide range of interesting traits.

How do you know if you have an indigo personality? In many cases, your color personality is the same as your favorite color. But sometimes, your color personality and your favorite color are entirely different!

Below are some typical traits associated with indigo and indigo color personalities — you just might see yourself reflected in them.

The Indigo Personality: Positive Traits

An intricate indigo design floating in outer space

Indigo’s association with the spiritual has led many people to regard this personality type as being unique and special. And as you’ll see in a moment, the indigo personality has no shortage of positive characteristics.

A Love for the Arts

Indigo personalities are known for their love of artistic pursuits, and this personality type has a special affinity for the theater. Their combination of creativity and a tendency toward drama makes them especially well-suited to acting and scriptwriting.


Similarly, if you have an indigo color personality, you are probably highly creative. Indigo personalities are free-thinking people who primarily like to express themselves through art — that might be theater, dance, creative writing, music, or visual art.

Connection to Nature

The colors purple, blue, and indigo are somewhat rare in the natural world. But because indigo initially came from a plant, this color (and the indigo color personality by association) is very connected to nature.

For some indigo personalities, their connection to nature becomes spiritual. They may gain a deep sense of peace from living in harmony with the natural world.


A colorful painting depicting an all-seeing eye outlined in indigo

Just as indigo color personalities are connected to nature, they also tend to be very spiritually connected. This is because indigo is the color of the third eye chakra. The chakras have been of spiritual importance to Hindus since ancient times, and many people with New Age beliefs also believe in the power of these centers of energy.

The third eye chakra is thought to be the center of knowledge and consciousness — both individual and universal consciousness. It also is thought to help you realize how your soul is connected to the rest of the world.


Have you ever heard of the term “indigo child”? The concept of indigo children is related to New Age beliefs. It comes from believers’ claims that some children have an “indigo aura.” These children are allegedly part of the next stage of human evolution. Believers claim that these children are more sensitive, creative, and intuitive than others.

Regardless of whether you believe in the concept of indigo children or not, you may have noticed that many people with indigo color personalities tend to be highly sensitive and perceptive.


Thanks in part to their sensitivity and spiritual connectedness, most indigo color personalities are very empathetic people. Because they are in tune with the rest of the world, they can often pick up on other people’s emotions. This makes them great friends, family members, and partners. However, empathy can also be draining, so it’s important for empathetic indigos to be sure to take time for themselves!

The Indigo Personality: Negative Traits

An abstract illustration of a shadowy indigo void

There’s a lot of upside to having an indigo personality. But like all color personalities, this one has its downsides as well. If you have an indigo personality, you may notice these negative traits in yourself.

Emotional Overinvestment

Indigo personalities feel very deeply. That’s generally a good thing. But sometimes, especially in romantic relationships, they tend to become so connected to their partners that they have trouble determining where their emotions end and their partner’s begin. In some cases, this sort of attachment can even lead to issues with codependency.

Entanglements in Drama

Often, indigo personalities are dramatic. That can be good in theater and other creative pursuits. In interpersonal relationships, it’s a different story. “Drama queens” can wear on their friends, family, and partners. Being over-focused on drama can also distract indigo personalities from more meaningful pursuits.


Not all indigo personalities are self-absorbed. But sensitive personalities who often find themselves lost in thought have a tendency to become self-absorbed. If indigo personalities find themselves becoming too detached from the world around them, it’s wise to make an effort to reconnect.

Sadness or Depression

Very sensitive people like those with indigo personalities can also become depressed very easily. Their empathy and intuition can lead them to take on both others’ emotions and their own.

What Types of Careers Are Good for Indigo Personalities?

In an indigo room, two ladders reach up to a floating white cloud

More often than not, indigo color personalities feel incredible connections to other people, especially in one-on-one interactions. So it comes as no surprise that these personalities are often in the “helping” professions — therapy, medicine, social work, etc. If you have an indigo color personality, you may find that you are drawn to these careers:

Psychologist or Therapist

To succeed as a therapist, you need to have some measure of empathy and the ability to work with other people one-on-one. Indigo personalities excel at both. They don’t take this profession lightly — they know that skilled mental health professionals have the potential to transform lives for the better.

Doctor or Nurse

Doctors and nurses also make a major difference in the lives of patients. For indigo personalities with a scientific focus, working as a doctor may be ideal. These personalities are likely to have a warm, calming bedside manner. For indigo personalities looking to spend more time working directly with patients, nursing may be the better choice.

Social Worker

Because indigo color personalities are so empathetic, they often have a special passion for helping vulnerable people. If you’re one of these personalities, you may find social work to be the ideal profession. Depending on your exact area of practice, you may end up helping those with substance use issues, children in foster care, or people experiencing homelessness.

Ministry or Spiritual Healing

Because indigo personalities are so spiritually connected, they may feel a need to work in religious or spiritual fields. For indigos who belong to an organized religion, ministry can be quite rewarding. For spiritually connected indigos without an organized religion, working in spiritual energy healing or a similar field may be ideal.

What If You Don’t Like Indigo?

A white outline of a sad face against an indigo background

As you saw above, examining your favorite color can often reveal something about your personality. But did you know that finding what colors you don’t like can do the same?

Often, if you dislike a color, you have a number of traits that are the complete opposite of those of that personality color. If you don’t like indigo, you may find that some of the following traits apply to you:

You’re Very Practical

Generally speaking, indigo color personalities are creative, philosophical, and somewhat dreamy. Not everyone is like this. If you have a grounded and practical approach to life, you may find that you don’t especially care for indigo.

You Have a Low Tolerance for Drama

Not all indigo color personalities are overly dramatic, but some are. Understandably, some people aren’t interested in getting involved with the latest drama, and they may find dramatic people to be overly obnoxious. Often, these people aren’t partial to indigo.

You Aren’t Empathetic

Indigo color personalities are more empathetic than most. Empathy is on a spectrum, and some people have very little of it. Whether you naturally have little empathy or just make an effort to stay detached from others, you may find that indigo is not your favorite color.

What Can Your Personality Color Teach You About Yourself?

Trees silhouetted in black against a starry indigo night sky

If you’re already even a little familiar with color psychology, you know that when it comes to color, there’s far more than meets the eye! Understanding colors and how they affect us is a great way to begin to understand the world as a whole.

In a similar vein, understanding color personalities also can help us achieve a greater knowledge of ourselves and other people. As you discover your own color personality, you might just gain a better sense of your true self and how you relate to the world.

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