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Fruity colour palettes for your home

It is often said that one can look at nature for inspiration. This is especially true when it comes to choosing paint colours for your home. You will be amazed at how wonderfully these fruity colour palettes will work in different rooms. It is not just the primary colour of a fruit to consider, which is the colour we would normally associate with a fruit, but the different shades and accompanying colours.

Choose from these nine fruity colour palettes:

1. Blueberry

A blueberry palette consists of deep shades of purples and blues with touches of dark pink. This cool palette will work well in well-lit, warm living areas. It is also a great colour option for bold accent walls in your home as the palette allows for striking combinations.

2. Raspberry

This is your daughter’s dream colour palette for her bedroom. The different shades of pink and red make it a fun, happy colour choice. A raspberry colour palette is also an option for a dramatic kitchen, but try to coordinate it with predominantly grey and white walls.

3. Pineapple

The contrasting colours of green and orange in a pineapple colour palette could work well for an entrance hall. The calming nature of green with the joyful nature of orange makes for a welcoming atmosphere. The yellows of this palette give the feeling of sunlight streaming in and will brighten up any shaded area.

4. Apricot

An apricot colour palette includes the sunny combination of pink, orange and yellow. This colour combo is perfect for cool, dark rooms that need an injection of warmth. This friendly palette, when used subtly, can work well in a dining room area when paired with lighter neutrals.

5. Cranberry

Rich reds and pinks make up a cranberry colour palette, which is ideal for a lively dining area. This captivating palette injects any space with energy and excitement, so it’s perfect for entertainment areas.

6. Watermelon

A watermelon colour palette is essentially different hues of red and pink with spots of dark purple. Use it in the kitchen or for an accent wall in a dull area of your home. Very light pink walls would contrast beautifully with deep purplish cabinets, for example.

7. Strawberry

You wouldn’t think a strawberry palette would work with its yellows, greens and reds, but it’s actually a delicious combination for a kitchen or an outdoor entertaining area. Use the yellows and greens as the predominant colour with red accents or try the other way around.

8. Peach

Life is just peachy with a peach palette with light tints of yellow and red. This optimistic scheme will liven up any neutral space in your home and is a great colour mix for a homely, country feel.

9. Blackberry

A blackberry palette is an intriguing one with dark blues, pinky reds, olive green and light peach. It’s a sophisticated and mysterious colour mixture that is an impeccable choice for a striking bedroom.

Hopefully these nine fruity colour palettes have given you some ideas for your home. Even though these palettes have been suggested for different rooms, there really is no limit to where they can be used in the home. Let your imagination go wild. Check out Pinterest for some more fruity colour palette ideas.

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