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How to get the perfect feature wall

Creating a feature wall is a fantastic way to breathe new life into your home’s décor without causing too much overall disruption to the property. With some carefully selected colours, interesting patterns or eye-catching wall pieces, a wall that was once plain can be turned into a fabulous, striking statement to reflect your personality. Let your true colours shine through and make an impact for all visitors to take notice of.

Choosing the right colour

There are several simple steps you can take to get the perfect feature wall. Firstly, it is important to choose the right colour for the wall. This may well be one of the hardest decisions to make, although there are some useful points to consider when deciding upon the desired shade. Colours are often associated with symbolism, therefore you may wish to think of what kind of mood you are trying to create. For example, you may choose blue to evoke tranquillity and serenity. Red displays passion and romance, offering a warming element to the room. For green, one might think of nature and health, useful in creating a refreshing atmosphere in your home. If you desire more vibrancy in your home, orange may be the right choice, symbolising energy and enthusiasm. Alternatively, drama may be what you seek, and therefore choosing bold, dark colours would be vital to creating this mood in your room.

Mix things up with new texture

The use of colour is a simple way to create a feature wall. However, you may desire to add texture, which can be achieved through choosing textured tiles. This can be a really effective way to evoke geographical landscapes, such as sandy beaches or mountainous regions. Textured tiles can also be found in a variety of interesting, bold colours, offering a further dimension of interest, really allowing you to experiment and evoke a variety of landscapes you desire. How about recalling the incredible artwork of Roman mosaics? Mosaic tiles are a fabulous way to bring a truly unique feature to your wall.

Wallpapers can also be used to create interesting wall textures that are sure to intrigue the eye. Patterned wallpaper might instead take your fancy, which would offer a near endless opportunity for your creative ideas to flow. Graphic patterns can help give a modern twist to the wall, or you may also choose a more traditional style to help create your stylish décor.

Not just about the wall itself

Your feature wall does not have to stop there, as you can further emphasise the mood you are trying to create by adding carefully selected objects that could become interesting wall pieces to be placed on the feature wall – for example, some delicate coral, or an assortment of vases. The use of objects helps to further accentuate the feature aspect of the wall and encourage more interest from visitors.

Above all, what is important to remember is that it is okay to be bold and adventurous. But remember, less is certainly more. Creating too many feature walls in your property may appear overboard and it will diminish the dramatic effect that was created. Most importantly, have fun and see where your creativity will take you.

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