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Best kids bedroom paint colours

If you have put “paint my children’s bedrooms” on your to-do list then you’ll want to take a look at this list of the best kids bedroom paint colours. As your kids grow up their favourite colour will inevitably change… a lot. So the best colours are those that offer some longevity and versatility. It’s always easier changing the linen and decor in a room than it is to repaint a room, so make sure the paint and the colour that you choose will work for a long time.

Seven of the best kids bedroom paint colours

1. Sea blue

One of the easiest go-to colours for your child’s bedroom is sea blue. That goes for boys and girls. Remember that you can always accentuate other colours in the furniture, linen and decor. Blue is a versatile colour so it can work with almost any other colour, which is important as you don’t want to create a sad setting. Psychologically speaking, blue is a safe, serene colour and effective in creating a calming environment.

2. Chalkboard Black

If your kids are going to be drawing on the wall then you may as well give them a chalkboard to do so. Chalkboard paint has become very popular, especially for kids. You don’t have to paint the whole room in it as that might be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps just paint a section of the bedroom and contrast it with another colour – any will do.

3. Green

Green is another cool, calming colour and will make any kids bedroom feel fresh and free. Interestingly, green is supposed to improve reading ability and comprehension, which probably explains why many school chalkboards are green. Green is also the colour of nature, and this inspires creativity.

4. White

One of the best kids bedroom colours is… white. The huge advantage is that it can grow with your child. All you need to do to make it less boring is add some splashes of colour in the form of wall decals, wallpaper, linen, decor, accent pieces and even paint (it’s easy to paint over). White is a blank canvas, so it will give your kids the flexibility to be creative and make their rooms theirs.

5. Orange

Orange is a happy, fun colour for children’s bedrooms and is known to stimulate 4 Cs – creativity, communication, cooperation and confidence. It’s a warm, inviting colour, but don’t use too much of it as it can get a bit overwhelming.

6. Grey

Grey is another versatile colour and can last from birth to teenager. It’s a soft, tranquil colour that creates a sense of relaxation and reflection. There are lots of colours that work well with grey like pink (for a girl), yellow and white.

7. Pink

The best of the best kids bedroom colours for a girl is, of course, pink. If you choose the right shade of pink then it can also last from baby to teen. A light pink, for example, is a classic. Pink creates an environment of love, but don’t overdo it as too much pink can cause a headache, literally.

If you need more inspiration for kids bedroom paint colours then head on over to Pinterest.

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