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Star Paint

The best paint for your outside walls

Does your property need brightening up? Taking the time to prepare, repair and paint your outside brick or concrete walls with the appropriate Star Paints will create great results and add style and value to your property. In fact, choosing paint for your outside walls can give your home a new lease on life.

Preparation is key

Before you undertake any painting task whether interior or outdoor, good preparation is essential. You’ll need to use a power washer to thoroughly clean the wall and remove any traces of loose paint and dirt. Use a handheld scrubbing brush for any stubborn stains. Any algae or mould should be treated with a special fungicide.

Next, you’ll need to repair any cracks or other damage with exterior mortar. Clean out the hole carefully, then fill and smooth. If any of the cracks are deep, you’ll need to build-up the filler layer by layer, letting the mortar dry each time. Then you’ll need to sand the wall until smooth with medium grade sandpaper for a perfect finish.

Finally, you’ll need to add a coat of Star Paint’s Universal Masonry Sealer. Ensure that the wall is perfectly dry then apply one coat with a roller or a brush for better penetration. If you’re painting over galvanised metal then use a specialist metal primer. Now you’ve created a smooth and stable surface, you need to choose your paint for outside walls.

How to choose the best paint for outside walls

Masonry paint is the right paint for your outside walls because it’s specifically formulated to create a durable, breathable skin. This protects your property from damp and weather damage, keeping it looking beautiful for years to come. Acrylic masonry paint is an excellent choice as it’s easy to apply with either a roller or a brush which can then be washed out in water.

This type of paint will cover concrete and brick walls with ease, provided you’ve prepared and primed them properly. However, if you need to paint galvanised metal sheeting either on a wall or roof then use an acrylic that is designed for good adhesion on galvanised surfaces. Star Paint’s acrylic roof paint comes in a variety of stylish colours and is designed to be durable in even the most extreme conditions.

Texture for interest

A textured paint like Star Mica Acrylic is the ideal choice when deciding on paint for your outside walls that have imperfections you wish to disguise. This hardworking product contains mica and marble to prevent the formation of cracks and gives your walls a pleasant, rounded texture.

Tough and weather resistant textured paint gives a pleasingly professional finish, particularly when you choose the right colour to enhance your property, whether that’s sophisticated Companion grey or eye-catching Uneasy brick red.

Smooth and professional

If you want to paint over a brick wall and prefer to let the texture of the bricks shine through, a coat of Super Sheen Acrylic will create a very sophisticated finish. Available in a superb range of colours for both interior and exterior walls, the luxurious silky smooth texture will reveal the true beauty of brick or bring a minimalist aesthetic to your concrete walls.

Whether you opt for the cool elegance of Elephant Greige or a real showstopper like Sunshine Yellow, choosing the right paint for your outside walls creates a stunning and professional result that will enhance your home with a fresh new look.

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