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What to paint to improve home value

Whether you have just bought your home or you are planning on putting it on the market, one way to almost instantly improve its value is to paint. When you think about it, there is actually a lot in your home that can get a fresh coat of paint. So the question is: what do you paint to improve home value? Let’s take a look at some options.

8 things to paint to improve home value

Here is a list of areas or things in your home that you can paint to improve home value. You don’t need to do all of this at once. The best idea is to start with the areas or things in your home that need it the most.

1. Exterior walls

This is the most obvious option to improve home value as it’s the first thing people see. Just make sure you use weatherproof exterior paint because it is going to be coming up against all the elements. If you’re not sure what colours to go with then use light colors to make a small house look bigger or dark colours to make a large house look more quaint and homey. Keep in mind that light colours will show up the dirt easier and it is best to use no more than three colours as a variety of colours will be too distracting.

2. Window frames

If your eyes are the windows to your soul then the windows of your home reveal the soul of your home. It’s important that your windows are always clean and your window frames are immaculate. If you’ve got painter’s tape then it won’t be a complicated job to give all your window frames a fresh coat of paint.

3. Gates and fences

Rusty gates and fences that are falling apart will decrease the perceived value of your home. Because they are exposed to the elements and lots of wear and tear, it’s important to update gates and fences with a paint job often.

4. Garage doors

If your garage door is a prominent public-facing feature of your home then it is certainly worth it to make sure it looks presentable, whether that means giving it a coat of paint or varnishing it if it is wooden. This may need to be done fairly often as garage doors are also exposed to all kinds of weather elements, which quickly results in them looking shabby.

5. Front doors

When people stand at your front door and get ready to ring the doorbell or knock, they have probably already formed an impression of your home. If your front door is in a terrible condition then it will instantly decrease the value of your home. Perhaps it’s time to sand it down (if it is wooden) and paint or varnish it so that you can make a better first impression?

6. Interior walls

When deciding on an interior paint colour, it is usually best to stick with neutral colours as this will give you more flexibility to decorate each room as you please. And when you have to sell one day, potential buyers won’t be shocked and run out if all your walls are bright yellow.

Whether you’re painting interior or exterior, it’s important to choose colours in the right light. Spend some time painting sample patches on the wall and observing the colour through the day as the light changes.

7. Tiles

If you feel like you’re stuck with the wall (or even floor) ceramic tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms then you’ll be pleased to know that it is possible to paint over them to increase home value. It’s an easier way to renovate your home and a cost-effective option to increase its value.

8. Cabinets

Keen to give your kitchen and bathrooms a bit of a facelift? How about painting the cabinets? This is yet another easy way to increase your home value without having to invest a lot of your time or money.

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