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Painting with mustard – the colour, that is

No, we don’t mean the sauce that you squirt onto your hotdogs with tomato sauce. We’re talking about the trendy paint colour that offers property owners versatility and warmth. If you’re looking for a contemporary colour that is a bit more exciting than white, perhaps mustard yellow is the colour you are looking for. Let’s take a closer look at mustard and discover ways the paint colour can be used around your home.

What does it look like?

If you’ve never heard of this paint colour, you’re probably wondering what it looks like. The name does indeed come from the tangy tasting condiment, so the best way to describe the colour is that it looks like mustard. It is yellow, but not as bright or blinding as your pure yellow. It’s a toned down version of yellow, which makes it a marvellous neutral colour for interior, or even exterior, spaces.

There are obviously different shades of mustard, as with any colour, but generally we are talking about a light golden colour with an olive undercurrent. It’s a bolder colour choice, but certainly has more vibrancy than softer hues.

Why is mustard a good idea?

Using mustard is a good idea for at least three reasons.

Firstly, mustard is a classic colour. Even though we may primarily associate it with the retro 1970s, it has remained a popular colour choice for homes over time. If you remove the dated decor from your mind and pair it with modern decor and colours then it can be a fresh alternative to other boring classics.

Secondly, mustard yellow actually goes with a lot of other colours. The neutrality and versatility of mustard works well with the right shades of red like burgundy and maroon, as well as teal, lavender, white, grey and more. One just needs to be careful to select the right tone of the matching colour.

Thirdly, it’s better than beige or cream. Beiges and creams are safe colours that many lean on when they’re not quite sure what colour to paint a room and don’t want the starkness of white. Mustard yellow is still neutral, but tastefully colourful and more exciting!

Where can I paint with it?

The warmth of mustard yellow makes it a cosy choice for a bedroom. In this instance, you can introduce some other neutrals or even olive green to add some depth. It’s a perfect colour for a bedroom that doesn’t get too much sun and heat.

Mustard yellow is also a delightful, sunny colour for a sitting room or entrance hall as it is welcoming and friendly. If you think it might be a bit overbearing then you can always opt to do just part of the wall.

But it’s also a great colour for exterior home walls. It doesn’t show the dirt as much as a white or light yellow wall, and it portrays your home as a bright, happy place.

If we still haven’t managed to convince you that this colour is worth consideration as a primary wall colour then perhaps try it in smaller doses in your home like an accent wall or painted features like circles. Search for mustard yellow walls on Pinterest for some more ideas.

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