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Productivity inspiring paint colours for office spaces

Is your office space terribly boring? Perhaps all that is needed for office spaces is productivity inspiring paint colours. It has been proven that colour impacts productivity at work. So, it’s time to put brush to wall and get yourself and your staff excited about coming to work again.

The colours of a work environment can impact our levels of creativity and concentration, and our willingness to collaborate with others. This is because colour influences our perception of space, and the intensity of the colour affects our response to it. The right colours can make us excited, stimulated and energised. Here are a few of the right colours that we love for office spaces.

Productivity inspiring paint colours


Red is a colour that often affects us the most. It tends to get our heart rates going, so it’s great for spaces where there is a lot of physical activity happening. Interestingly, red is a good option for places of work that are open at night as it allegedly increases brain wave activity. As red also stimulates appetite, it’s no surprise that a lot of restaurants and takeaway workplaces will use red in their branding. If you don’t want to go all-out red, accents of red are perfect for negotiation settings.


Blue is a great colour for inspiring teamwork, and we all know that teamwork makes the dream work! Blue encourages communication and trust amongst fellow workers. As a cooler colour, it also helps keep things calm when there are heated work discussions as it decreases heart rate and blood pressure. Choose blue for those detail-orientated and brainstorming spaces.


Green is a friendly, harmonious colour that increases creativity and innovation. So if you have an area where a lot of creativity needs to happen then use green. Green affects the balance between mind, body and emotions, so it reduces anxiety and stress. It works well in spaces where there are a lot of computers being used as it reduces eye strain.


White is ideal for creative spaces. White creates a sense of spaciousness and breathability, especially when there is also a lot of natural light. If you need space to think then white is right. There is nothing quite like a blank wall to allow the mind to conjure up beautiful imaginings. Pair white with accents of other productivity inspiring paint colours to tone down the nakedness of white.


If you need to boost staff energy levels then yellow is certainly suitable. It’s the type of colour that gets you to snap out of boring thought routines. Yellow is effective in increasing self-confidence, optimism and creativity. However, don’t use too much yellow as it can rouse anxiousness and tempers. It’s valuable as an accent colour that promotes direction and focus.


Grey is psychologically neutral and is therefore excellent for offsetting other brighter productivity inspiring paint colours. There are a lot of shades of gray to choose from, so you can always choose one that will work best with the other colours you are using. Don’t use too much grey as it can result in reduced morale.


Having an orange wall in your office space will lift energy levels and stir up a contagious enthusiasm. Orange is said to symbolise endurance and it great for high-energy spaces. It is also best used as an accent with other productivity inspiring paint colours.

Bear in mind that having too much of one colour in your office space will leave people feeling off balance, and it’s best not to have too many colours or shades as well. But don’t be afraid to get unconventional with your office walls.

Chat to us if you would like some more advice on giving your workspace a fresh coat of paint.


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