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Revive Christmas decorations with a coat of paint

It’s that time of year when we delve into the attic and begin to sort through bags of decorations. Every year we insist we won’t buy anymore, but, especially when it’s been proven that putting Christmas decorations up early makes you happier, it’s hard not to indulge. Nonetheless, this year, Star Paint are here to show you that you don’t need to spend huge amounts of money buying new Christmas decorations. With a fresh coat of paint, you can revive Christmas decorations that you already have.

Tree decorations

No matter how well you wrap up baubles and tree decorations, it seems every year they get broken or scratched. However, fear not! If you are looking to revive Christmas decorations then you will need a selection of paints in preferred festive colours, some newspaper to protect surfaces, a selection of small/thin paint brushes and a pot of water to clean the brushes. Star Paint’s High Gloss Enamel (HGE) can be used on a variety of surfaces and comes in numerous festive colours.

Step 1: Sort through all your decorations and decide on a painting theme. It can be very daunting choosing what to paint but a little bit of creative flair does the trick.

Step 2: Start with square items. These are easily transferred into replica presents. Paint the entire box shape red. Leave to dry and then paint a ribbon onto your presents. Once this has dried, use a thick black marker pen to highlight the ribbon and finish with a drawn bow.

Step 3: Circular baubles look can be revived very easily. Paint them in a selection of white, silver and grey for a simple but stylish affair.

Step 4: Revive ceramic decorations by touching up those spots that have had paint scratched off.

Step 5: Leave to dry and then replace any string on your existing decorations. Hang on your tree. It’s that easy to revive Christmas decorations.

Top tip: broken baubles look fantastic in a glass bowl/vase in the middle of your festive dining table. Simply crush the pieces into smaller fragments using a hammer and place in a glass ornament for Christmas chic. Broken tiles can also look great for a minimalist design. Check out this article on painting ceramic tiles.

Revive Christmas decorations for the outdoors

If you’re lucky enough to have an abundance of trees and plants in your garden, use them to your advantage. You will need string or wool to hang your decorations up, a variety of old decorations that are not being used indoors, white paint, a paintbrush, newspaper to protect the surfaces and a pot of water to clean your brushes.

Step 1: Sort through all of your indoor Christmas tree decorations.

Step 2: Choose a selection of around 15-20 that you no longer want.

Step 3: Paint each decoration in a colour such as silver, gold or white (if you have any glitter – sprinkle this over each decoration too for added effect). Star Paint’s Dura Star Acrylic (DUR) works fantastically in the great outdoors.

Step 4: Leave to dry.

Step 5: Use leftover ribbon, wool or string and tie onto each decoration so you can hang it up. You can even paint this string in the same colour as the decoration.

Ste 6: Hang from various trees outside and watch them blow in the wind.

Dinner table decor

For this, you’ll need a thin paintbrush, old baubles, a felt tip pen, newspaper to protect the surfaces and a steady hand.

Step 1: Count how many people you have coming for Christmas dinner and write their name down.

Step 2: If you have 12 guests coming round, choose 12 old baubles that you aren’t using on your tree.

Step 3: With a fine line felt tip, write each guests name on the bauble.

Step 4: Follow the pen line with paint. Coming in over 30 popular colours, Star Paint’s Dura Star Acrylic (DUR) is a great choice.

Step 5: Whilst the name is still sticky on the bauble, sprinkle glitter on either all or the first letter of each name.

Step 6: Once dry, use your glittery named baubles as placeholders and watch in delight as your guests are impressed.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Head out on an adventure and keep an eye out for pine cones and fallen twigs. For this idea, you will need a selection of outdoor finds, newspaper to cover surfaces, spray paint in white and some silver glitter. You can use a pot of paint and a brush but spraying is much easier.

Step 1: Arrange your outdoor finds on the newspaper.
Step 2: Wipe each item and ensure there isn’t any mud or dirt on them.
Step 3: Place the newspaper on the surface and line your twigs/cones up.
Step 4: Stand back and spray all items white until they are evenly covered.
Step 5: Whilst your decorations are still sticky, sprinkle glitter all over.
Step 6: Once dry, place your twigs in a vase and the pine cones on work surfaces or on window ledges for Christmas chic.

A wonderful wreath

Yes, it’s time to revive Christmas decorations, even the wreath on your door. Does anything else spread the Christmas cheer like a glorious wreath? If yours is looking slightly sorry this year then it is easy to give it a fresh lease of life. For this idea, you’ll need a selection of paints in festive colours, a selection of small to medium sized paintbrushes, some faux dried fruit and a glue gun.
Step 1: Put a protective sheet over the surfaces you are working on.
Step 2: Decide how you want your wreath to look. For example, if you want your wreath to maintain a traditional foliage look, choose paint colours in a rich forest green and bright berry red. Alternatively, painting a wreath white and silver will not only improve your tired looking decoration, but will also give it a modern appeal.
Step 3: Using your chosen colour, paint the body of the wreath. You will get paint on the protective surface but this is what it’s for.
Step 4: Once the main body has dried, begin painting the berries. If your old wreath has berries which are now chipped, simply fill them in a red shade. However, if you’re creating a contemporary wreath in white and silver, paint the berries silver. If your wreath does not have berries on it then glue some dried fruit on it. You can either leave these as be or paint white.
Step 5: Once the wreath is nearly dry, but still slightly sticky, sprinkle glitter all over.
Step 6: Once completely dry, hang on your door with a piece of string and wait for all the compliments.

With this easy guide, it really is easy to revive Christmas decorations. Here’s to a fun-filled Christmas! If you’re wondering what colours will make a festive interior this season, why not check out this advice.

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