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Romantic paint colours: shades of love for your home

There is nothing more important in life than the love you have for others. It’s such a powerful emotion and has so many nuances that it makes the perfect theme to decorate your home. So how can your home decor express your feelings? It’s easy with Star Paint. Be inspired to choose the perfect colour and shade to bring love into your home. Refresh your living space using these romantic paint colours.

4 romantic paint colours


In the bedroom… Create a feeling of caring and compassion in your bedroom using a soft and subtle pink. One of the softer romantic paint colours, pink will give a cosy, nurturing atmosphere to a room whilst still feeling airy and bright. Pink can lift your confidence and provide an intimate space where can feel secure and loved.

In the hall… Use a soft shade of pink in your hall to welcome loved ones into your home. This colour will create a warm, loving environment as you enter the house, whilst also being contemporary and chic.


In the kitchen… The strongest of the romantic paint colours, red signifies passion, power and energy. Your kitchen is the heart of your home where relationships grow and passions are kindled. Red makes a powerful statement whilst radiating warmth and positivity. Use an eye-catching, vivid shade for maximum impact.

In the living room… You want your living room to be a space where you can relax and enjoy one another’s company. Red can create a warm, snug atmosphere, creating the perfect space for intimacy to grow whilst also expressing passion and daring. A velvety, deeper shade of red will work well here.


In the bathroom… Get in the mood for love with a purple bathroom. Purple will give your bathroom an air of luxury and opulence. At the same time, it will help you feel calm and relaxed; the perfect combination. Often associated with royalty, purple speaks of stability and ambition, making it a versatile romantic paint colour. Deep purple will make a bold statement, whilst paler shades of lavender and lilac will be more restful.

In the loft… Bring a feeling of freedom to your loft space with purple. A purple loft will feel light and airy without sacrificing warmth and comfort. Associated with creativity and wisdom, a purple loft will provide a space where your relationship can grow and develop.


In exterior spaces… The warmest of the romantic paint colours, peach is a perfect choice for the exterior of your home. Its strongest association being with warmth and happiness, it immediately lifts your mood and draws you into your happy home. This makes a bold statement about your values to the outside world and provides a warm welcome to you and your loved ones.

In your living area… Cosy and cheerful, peach makes a perfect romantic paint colour for living areas such as your dining room. Equally suitable for informal family meals and intimate romantic dining, peach can lift the mood and cheer the spirit. This versatile colour is perfect for fostering feelings of warmth and intimacy. Pair with oranges and yellows to enhance the warm and cosy feeling.

Head over to Pinterest to get some more inspirational ideas on how you can use these romantic paint colours in your home.

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