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Should I use paint primer?

When applying a new coat of paint, many individuals wonder if they need to use a paint primer. There is much confusion surrounding the use of paint primers and when they need to be used. Below we’ll explore exactly what primer is, why it should be used, when it is best used, and the different types of primer that are available for both outdoor and indoor use.

Everything you need to know about using a paint primer

What is paint primer?

So, what exactly is a paint primer? In simplistic terms, it is an undercoat that is used to prepare the surface for paint. It is a specially created paint product that allows the new coat of paint to adhere to the prepared surface. Primer can also prolong the life of your paint.

Why use a primer before you paint?

Priming the surface you wish to paint is incredibly important. It will help the paint stick to the surface, and help to protect your chosen surface. If you are wishing to paint wood, then applying a primer can help to seal the wood, which is naturally porous. Plus, it can help to prevent darker colours or any imperfections from bleeding through.

When to use it

There are a few basic rules you need to follow to help you decide if you need to use primer. The following materials and surfaces all need a paint primer prior to painting.

Bare wood – should always have a prime coating applied. This is because wood is incredibly porous and needs to be “sealed”.

Drywall that is skim coated – adding a coat of primer will not only create a smooth surface, it will also protect this highly porous material prior to painting.

A glossy surface – paint will not stick well to a glossy surface. You will need to lightly sand the surface and apply a paint primer.

When the surface is a dark colour – applying two layers of white paint primer will allow you to add your lighter paint colour. You will also save money on your paint as you will require less of it.

The golden rule is that if you are in any doubt, then always use a primer.

What type of primer to use for different projects

It’s important that you apply the correct type of primer for your particular project. Below we share the different types of Star Paint primers that are available, and when to use them for your home or office project.

Water-based acrylic primers

Star Paint’s Aquaphos Primer (APH) is a water-based acrylic primer that is suitable for outdoor use due to its resistance to weathering and corrosion. It can be used for painting steel and galvanised iron, such as guttering and iron roofs.

Wood primers

This wood primer can be used on both internal and external wooden surfaces. It helps to protect hardwoods and pine.

Red oxide primer

This type of primer should be used on steel surfaces, as it offers great protection against the elements and rust.

Quick-drying synthetic primer

The QD Spraying Primer Red Oxide is a quick drying paint primer that can be used on anything apart from galvanised iron. Great for use on garden furniture and any steel items that need a new paint colour.

When tackling any paint job, it is vital that you always use the correct type of paint primer for the job. Contact us today for assistance. Happy painting.

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