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Spring paint palettes inspired by flowers

Spring is a time of new beginnings. It’s that time of year where everyone feels motivated to freshen up their homes in a number of different ways. One way to do so is to give your home a new coat of paint. Why not try some of these spring paint palettes, which are inspired by some of the flowers that are iconic of springtime? Each palette presents a perfectly natural and wonderful colour combination.

8 Spring paint palettes inspired by flowers

The number 8 means new beginnings, so because spring represents new beginnings here are 8 spring paint palettes for you to choose from when painting your home this season.

1. Hydrangea

You wouldn’t think this colour combination of greens, blues and mauves would work, but it does… beautifully. It is one of the most spectacular spring paint palettes for just about any room in your home. Why not use it in your open living and dining room space?

2. Sunflower and allium

If ever there was a flower that was symbolic of pure sunshine it would be the sunflower. A sunflower and allium palette is very bright and contrasting, so it needs to be outworked carefully and tastefully in your home. Yellows always work well in darker, colder rooms that need an injection of warmth. The purple of the allium then works well to tone the brightness of the yellow down a bit.

3. Magnolia

There is something so romantic about the deep reds and pinks of a magnolia palette. Use these home-warming colours in a bedroom or lounge area. Soft whites and creams can be used to complement the floral tones.

4. Apple blossom

The perfect pastels of an apple blossom palette work well with elements of a contrasting dark green. Such a light and airy colour combination is ideal for smaller rooms that perhaps don’t get too much sunlight.

5. Poppy

The red of a poppy really does pop, so it is a great option for a bright and happy kitchen. Reds are reminiscent of tomatoes, chillies and sweet peppers, so the reds of a poppy palette will work well in any area devoted to eating.

6. Rosebud

This luxurious paint palette is one you may expect a queen to have in her bedroom. The soft peaches and pinks with the contrasting dark green are indeed a magical colour for any bedroom.

7. Orchid

The light yellows and pinks of an orchid palette inspire joy and promote tranquility. It’s a wonderful colour combination for dark rooms that need a bit of warmth. Perhaps it might do well in a small study.

8. Tulip

The brilliant pink of a tulip palette contrasts spectacularly with the deep green, and the softer shades of pinks and greens add to the palette’s whimsical feel. This palette would work perfectly in a bathroom.

Which of these spring paint palettes is your favourite? Then think about where and how you could use that palette in your own home. The possibilities are endless.

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