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Be inspired by the spring/summer 2019 colour palette

The warmer months always bring out nature’s brighter colours. Therefore we always see the trending colour palette for spring/summer inspired by these colours.

Colour pallette-01 (1)

Let this inspiration flow into your home. A change is as good as a holiday and adding these colours will bring a lighter and brighter element to your home. If you’re not sure where to start, here are a few ways these colours can be used:

Use the bright colour palette as inspiration

Use the season’s bright shades like Fiesta, Pink Peacock and Princess Blue to inspire and lift your spirits. Let that inspiration leak into your home. Most of the colours found on this palette can be found in nature and therefore it is a beautiful way of bringing nature into your home. Not everything needs to have an animal print flair in order to feel inspired by nature and all that spring and summer have to offer. Look at the colour palette just in your garden in these warmer months and you will find many of these colours have already made their way into your space.

Don’t forget about the classic shades

Luckily for us the spring/summer 2019 trend includes few more classics shades in the colour palette. If you’re not feeling bold enough to try out the bright colours, the classic shades like Aspen Gold, Mango Mojito (yes please!) and Sweet Lilac will add some timeless elegance into your home. You can opt for lighter hues of these if they are still a little much for your taste. Classic shades on your walls are not boring, but rather remain trendy and popular for years to come.

Mix it up

If you find it difficult to use a bold colour to brighten up your room, or even a classic shade, why not bring in elements of both?!
While using a bolder colour on your accent wall brings light into the room, using the classic shades to highlight your bolder colour statement will add character and depth to the room.

Remember that you can use these ideas in secondary rooms (such as guest bathrooms and cloakrooms). If you feel that a primary room is too large and therefore a bright colour might be too much, these ‘smaller’ rooms are a great way to experiment with colours that won’t overwhelm. We love this colour palette because we feel that it has been inspired by natural colours. Nature is timeless and classic, as well as bold and daring. There is space in this colour palette for everyone to be inspired.

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