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Star Food Grade Enamel: durable and eco-friendly

Star Food Grade Enamel paint is an eco-friendly coating designed for use where resistance to constant humidity and repeated scrubbing with detergents is desired. This coating also helps prevent mould and mildew growth in the dried paint film. What makes this paint so unique is that it can be used to solve many problems that come with painting in a number of different types of areas and environments.

So what is Star Food Grade Enamel?

Food grade coatings are mostly used in food and drink processing plants, wholesale warehouses and retail food storage facilities, as the name would suggest. Food grade paints are not only used for specific types of food or drink – they can be used for all types and for a variety of reasons. Not only will they help to keep all surfaces, including floors, non-slip, but are also waterproof, hygienic, easy to clean and incredibly durable.

Why is Star Food Grade Enamel a good option?

Star Food Grade Enamel paint is also extremely effective in preventing mould, mildew and bacterial build up, which is of the utmost importance in food storage areas. However, this also means food grade paint may be used in other areas where mould, bacteria and mildew could thrive and become an issue. Coating locker and shower rooms with this paint also helps prevent mould and mildew build up. Food grade paint can also be applied to wood, metal and concrete floors and walls, making it a great choice for any environment which needs to be regularly cleaned.

Another great benefit of food grade enamel is its high resistance to both hot and cold temperatures. It can withstand hot water, steam and oil splatters, as well as extreme cold, e.g. inside of a fridge or freezer. Its non-stick nature ensures that any spills or splatters from food preparation can be easily cleaned up and no food remains on the paint that would cause mould.

The paint is also highly resistant to abrasion, meaning that it can be used in an environment that is prone to constant scrubbing and cleaning. This also makes it extremely wear resistant, so it can be used on floors which have high levels of traffic. Not only will it not wear but it will also maintain its attractive high shine.

How do you apply it?

When applying Star Food Grade Enamel paint, always make sure the surface is in a good condition for painting. Remove any non-adherent coatings, dust thoroughly and clean it before painting. It’s always best to use a primer to ensure long-lasting quality.

Where can I use it?

This product is ideal for food processing plants, commercial kitchens and warehouses, which store food products. It can also be used in breweries and wineries where the same levels of hygiene are expected. As mentioned previously though, it’s not just food preparation and storage areas that can benefit from food grade paint; showers and locker rooms are another perfect location to use it, as well as water treatment plants (both waste and fresh), tanneries and laundries.

Contact us if you would like to order some Star Food Grade Enamel paint.


  • Bruce Lawrie

    16 March 2018

    I am looking for a food safe grade paint to paint a walk in cold room. Please advise on what priemer/undercoat and paint I should use. The colour would have to be white.

    Thank you
    B Lawrie

  • Maria

    24 March 2018

    Can this paint be used on laminate restaurant tables?

  • Ramon Lucero Jr.

    9 May 2018

    Can this be used to coat dryer internals with working pressure of 10 psig & temp. of about 100C or higher?

  • Calla Coetzee

    10 May 2018

    I would appreciate a sample of your smallest quantity for a test. Currently using about 1ltr per month or even less for producing test cans for a food plant. Please submit your price and quantity for a sample. I would prefer a red or blue perhaps.
    Kind regards.
    Calla Coetzee .

  • James Lewis

    16 August 2018

    Looking for food grade paint for a old cast iron wine press cast iron base ?

  • bob johnson

    29 September 2018

    I want some paint to paint my small apple press. Brush on paint would be good. Can you help?

  • Donnette Griffith

    6 October 2018

    I am looking to repaint the inside of my freezer what would you recommend?

  • Seth

    10 October 2018

    I’d like some paint!

  • Ricardo Peña

    28 January 2019

    Can this enamel be used to paint on Stainles steel-304-2B finish?

  • Katherine

    11 March 2019

    Star food grade enamel paint safe to use on tile countertops? And what is the cost for a gallon?

  • Mindy Mullen

    16 September 2019

    I have an old pot, enabled porcelain over cast iron.
    A little worn on the inside but not awful at all. Minor chip and not shiny. I’d like to use it, was my mom’s from the 50s. Will any of your products work so I can repost and use it for cooking?

  • Susan Cooper

    19 October 2019

    I am looking for some food safe enamel to paint a cast-iron pot cooking pot as my cooking pot has chipped at the bottom small chip could you please tell me how much the paint enamel would be really appreciate this Mrs Susan Cooper

  • Sebastian Boldsen

    26 May 2020

    Hi there. Can Star Food Grade Enamel be painted over non-food grade 3d-printet objects and make them food safe?
    And is Star Food Grade Enamel dishwasher proof?
    br Seb

  • Andrew Gill

    15 September 2020

    Hi, I am looking for something food grade I can coat resin prints with to be used in contact with wine or juice to aid with fermentation.


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