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Star Paint

Star Solar Shield: Star Paint’s heat reflective paint

When the temperature climbs, we all want an effective way to keep cool. And as the sun blazes down on your roof, it makes sense to shield your home from the fierce rays. Introducing Star Solar Shield, which will reflect the amount of sunlight and provide rejection of infrared rays from the sun. This heat management paint has many benefits for your home and business. It helps to reduce your energy bills and keep the interior of your home or business premises cool and comfortable.

What is Star Solar Shield?

Star Solar Shield is an eco-friendly, heat reflective roof paint that will greatly assist with energy consumption and drastically reduce the heat build-up inside your home or business. This type of reflective coating can help to extend the life of your roof and may also help to maintain the interior temperature during the winter. Using thermal management technology originally developed by NASA, Star Solar Shield paint will help you regulate the temperature of your property in all seasons.

How do you apply Star Solar Shield paint?

You can apply Star Solar Shield paint in a similar way to regular paint:

  • Thoroughly clean and prepare the roof surface by filling any holes or cracks to leave a perfectly even application surface
  • Mix the paint thoroughly with a paddle or drill attachment until it’s completely blended
  • Apply with a roller for the best effect
  • Use a copious amount of the paint for each coat to ensure the roof is adequately covered
  • Allow each coat to dry thoroughly before applying the next

Where do you use Star Solar Shield paint?

Star Solar Shield is available in a range of popular roof paint colours and can be used on houses, commercial buildings, warehouses, offices, factories, cold storage areas, shopping malls, animal refuges, railway tracks, storage facilities, pavements, water tanks, and concrete and plastic external pipes. In fact, Star Paint’s new solar shield paint can be used anywhere that would benefit from its temperature management properties.

What are the benefits of using Star Solar Shield paint?

Solar shield paints have plenty of benefits for your property:

  • You can reduce solar heat gain significantly during the summer months
  • You’ll save energy on your heating bills by using your air con less often in the summer
  • Solar shield paint reduces the thermal shock to your roof, thus extending its lifespan
  • Manage and stop leaks to protect your roof
  • Durable paint finish has long lasting results
  • Non-toxic to protect your home or business and your environment

Is Star Solar Shield paint suitable for my roof?

This type of solar shield paint is most suitable for new roofs but can be used on older roofs if they are primed with a specialist paint first. Using a lighter coloured Star Solar Shield paint on a darker roof will give an additional reflectivity to the roof for additional heat management benefits.

Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about Star Solar Shield or if you would like to place an order.


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