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The 35 Best Colors for Laundry Rooms

When you think of designing a home, you might picture color schemes for living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and more. But even though they might not seem as important, laundry rooms can really complete your home’s palette. Whether you’re looking for something to complement your existing design scheme or just complete the look, consider these colors for your laundry room.

Laundry Room Color Ideas

Here’s a list of the best colors for laundry rooms.

1. Warm White

Laundry room with warm white tones.

Plenty of washers and dryers are white, so a good number of homeowners choose monochromatic color schemes and make their laundry rooms white, too. The pictured laundry room is an interesting variation on this theme: the machines themselves are silver, and that cool color is balanced out by warm white cabinets and walls.

If you choose warm white and have silver or dark-colored washers and dryers, be sure to use similar darker/cooler colors in other parts of the room as well. The pictured room does this well: near-black hardware and a silvery piece of abstract art make the whole palette connected. Since warm white is a neutral, you can add some interest with an accent color, too. The red-orange rug and red-orange accents in the wall art do this well.

2. Sky Blue

Charming laundry room with washing machine and blue wardrobe.

Sky blue is cheerful and refreshing, making it the perfect shade for a laundry room! For a burst of color (and contrast, too), you can add sky-blue walls behind bright white appliances. Because this combination is reminiscent of a sunny sky with a few clouds, it will work best in a laundry room with a lot of natural light.

If that idea has a little too much sky blue for your taste, you can incorporate sky blue as an accent color. The pictured laundry room does this well. The cool white throughout much of the room gives it a clean, bright aesthetic, but the sky-blue cabinets help set it apart!

3. Dark Brown

Laundry room with dark brown tones.

When used well, dark brown will give your laundry room a sophisticated look. But when used in large stretches of a space, this shade can start to look dull. A multicolored mosaic like the one pictured offers the perfect solution. If you look closely, you can see the tiles are black, gray, dark brown, and light brown, but when viewed from afar, the overall cast appears dark brown.

Of course, if you make dark brown the primary color in your laundry room, it likely will seem too dark (and darker colors can make the whole room appear smaller). Instead, make an effort to include a good bit of white, pale gray, or beige. As you can see, this is a color scheme that goes quite well with silver appliances!

4. Celery Green

Luxury laundry room with celery green walls.

Though it isn’t as popular as sage green, celery green is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to white laundry room walls. Celery and sage are somewhat similar, but celery has stronger yellow undertones. Most people opt for more dilute shades, but you can of course choose darker shades of celery if you’d like to make the color more noticeable.

To emphasize celery’s relative warmth, choose warmer-hued flooring and cabinets. The pictured laundry room incorporates some variety with a warm beige floor and honey-stained cabinets. When combined with white appliances, the overall look is fresh, modern, and appealing.

5. Black

Laundry room with black accents.

In virtually any case, an all-black laundry room will look entirely too dark. But when used as an accent color, black is an effective way to ground a much lighter color scheme. Like many laundry rooms, the one pictured is primarily cool white. A distinctive patterned floor gives it a unique look. Since the black patterning is tied in with the darker accents on the laundry machines, the overall palette is balanced.

Especially when combined with white, black is incredibly versatile. If you want to incorporate more of this color, try adding a black and white patterned floor and black shelving units. If you’d rather create something eye-catching and truly unique, go with black and white patterned walls!

6. Pastel Yellow

Yellow laundry room with washer, dryer and glass block window

If you’d rather have a warm and lively laundry room, pastel shades of yellow are ideal. They’re warm without being overwhelming, and they offer a pleasant counterbalance to cool-colored laundry machines. Add warm-colored flooring to really capitalize on the warmer palette. With this option, it’s especially important to add cooler accent colors. In the pictured laundry room, cool white machines and wall trim do this well, as does the black-framed picture on the wall.

Depending on the look you want to create, you can choose a dilute, near-neutral pastel or one that’s more saturated. It can be tough to tell the difference between these colors unless you see them side by side, so make sure you compare a variety of paint chips before committing to one shade.

7. Wood Tones

Interior of laundry room with with wood tones.

Not all laundry rooms have wood floors, furniture, or walls. If yours does, take it as an opportunity to craft a unique palette! The pictured laundry room is somewhat unusual due to the fact that it has both wood walls and wood flooring. In this case, warm-toned woods complement the cool white washer and wall trim, but you can easily shift the mood with different wooden shades.

For a higher-contrast look, darker stains work beautifully. As a bonus, since most wood floors are lighter colors, a darker stain will give your laundry room some distinction! Or if you’re into the industrial look, try weathered or reclaimed wood.

8. Cinnabar Red

Laundry room with wooden storage cabinets, modern red washer and dryer.

Cinnabar is a natural, bright red stone, and its color is sometimes found in interior design. Since shades of bright red are commanding and high-energy, it’s critically important to use them with caution. If you use some degree of cinnabar red in a laundry room without letting the color overwhelm the room, you can create a dynamic yet balanced color scheme.

The pictured laundry room is able to incorporate this bright shade of red in the machines themselves. If you don’t have a red washer and dryer already, you can always paint the walls (or just one wall) of the room cinnabar red. Just make sure the room includes a large amount of a neutral color as well. White and cool beige are great choices.

9. Greige

Spacious laundry room with greige walls.

“Greige” is a name used to refer to a color that is somewhere between gray and beige. Gray and beige are both common neutrals, and greige is an excellent alternative if you can’t make up your mind between the two. The walls and ceiling of the pictured laundry room offer a great example of the color in action.

When you choose greige as a wall color, it will still work with other shades of beige and gray that you place in your palette. The soft beige in the pictured rug is a good example. You may discover that a palette made entirely of greige, beige, and gray starts to seem a little dull. This is where adding an accent color or two comes in. You don’t have to use a lot of an accent color for it to be successful—even a few touches of a bright color on a rug will often be enough.

10. Leafy Green

Small minimalist laundry room with leafy green tones.

The vivid green of actual houseplants can do wonders for a room. You might associate houseplants with living rooms and dining rooms, but plants can spruce up your laundry room as well. Adding a few is especially helpful if you live someplace where you can’t repaint the walls. The pictured room is a great example. Even though the only patches of green are the frame on the wall and a plant on a shelf, the end result is a much more visually interesting laundry room.

Leafy plants often go nicely with white and various shades of beige or tan. If you have a simple white laundry room, try adding green plants and then layering in a few beige shades. This is easy enough to do with wooden floors or countertops, woven baskets, and other wooden accessories.

11. Tan

Spacious laundry room with tan tones.

Tan generally has a little more presence than beige does, and it’s closer to being a shade of brown. And as you can see in the pictured room, it looks good with various shades of beige, brown, and white. Tan is an excellent wall color, and it’s easy to add contrast with wall trim, doors, and ceilings.

If you have tan walls and white appliances, you also can make your laundry room feel warm and peaceful by including warm neutral flooring and rugs.

12. Golden Yellow

Laundry room with gold colors.

Golden yellow is a rich, autumn-like color that you’re more likely to see in a living room. However, if your home already has a color palette centering around jewel tones, you can round out the design scheme with golden yellow walls (or just a golden yellow accent wall) in your laundry room.

The example laundry room does a good job of making the whole room look warm. The wood flooring is finished in a warm-hued stain, and the rug is a warm shade of cream. However, the white appliances, white cabinets, and white wall trim add just enough coolness to keep everything in balance.

13. Cinder Gray

Laundry room with cinder grey walls.

Cinder gray is a soft, gentle shade of gray that’s roughly the same color as a cinder block. It’s especially popular as a wall color, and it can give your laundry room modern appeal. Since cinder gray is a neutral, you can pair it with laundry machines of any color. The pictured laundry room successfully uses cinder gray with white appliances, but you also can create a striking monochromatic look when you pair gray walls with silver appliances.

Although cinder gray is a great color for a laundry room, plain gray walls can sometimes look a bit dull. One easy way to spruce up a gray laundry room is to add a colorful wall hanging or two. A bright art piece makes a compelling focal point and can really bring the room together, too.

14. Mint Green

Mint green basement room with combination of home office area and laundry appliances.

Mint green is one of the more popular pastel colors, at least in the world of design. Since very pale shades look a lot like neutrals, mint is most often used as a wall color. You can also use it in smaller doses: try a mint green rug or shelving unit in an otherwise-neutral laundry room.

The pictured room successfully uses mint as a wall color alongside white appliances. The room itself is highly unusual, as it effectively combines an office with a laundry room. At any rate, the darker accents on the rug are useful when it comes to grounding the space.

15. Cool Beige

Small beige laundry area with washer and dryer.

No list of suggested colors is complete without at least some variation of beige. Cool beige is a classic neutral, so it will fit in with virtually any palette. If you want to make sure you won’t need to repaint your laundry room if you change the color of your house, cool beige is a safe choice for your laundry room walls.

As you can see, cool beige works nicely alongside shades of crisp white, especially when you’re working with white appliances. This simple yet effective combination will often benefit from the addition of an accent color or two. If you want to add one, choose a color that works harmoniously with your home’s existing aesthetic.

16. Brick

Brick facing in laundry room.

The texture and color of natural brick can add some interest to your laundry room. Many laundry rooms are in basements, and some basements have exposed brick, so you may well have this design choice already built in! Traditional exposed brick can work very well as part of the popular industrial look.

The laundry room in the picture takes brick in a different direction. As you can see, the brick here is sleek, smooth, and dark. Because most of the walls have the top portions painted white, the room achieves an ideal light/dark balance.

17. Apple Green

Small birhgt green laundry room interior with white modern appliances.

Bright shades of green like the one pictured aren’t especially popular in interior design. But in the right space, apple green can really pop without overwhelming the eyes. The pictured laundry room makes good use of the color. The space is small, so there’s no single, overwhelmingly large stretch of green. The palette is also broken up by the bright white of the door, ceiling, and washer and dryer.

Bright colors like this can be useful in tiny laundry rooms. Small, closet-like laundry rooms often seem especially nondescript. But with even a small burst of bright color, they can come to life!

18. Bronze

Vintage laundry room with bronze tiles.

Bronze is most commonly integrated as an actual metallic. However, as you can see in the picture, this shade can also be successfully integrated as a wall color, floor color, or both. The bronze tiles create a pleasant contrast against the white walls.

The pictured room also makes an interesting design choice: the wall tiles connect seamlessly to the flooring, and only one corner of the room is actually tiled. This look will give your laundry room an unexpected geometric look. It’s not for everyone, though, so it’s perfectly fine to choose to only have bronze walls or floors.

19. Charcoal Gray

Charcoal grey washing machine in kitchen.

It’s hard to go wrong with charcoal gray, a mainstay color of living rooms and bedrooms. This deep shade of gray doesn’t appear in laundry rooms quite as often, but it’s perfect for creating a sophisticated look. The pictured laundry room uses it well. Completely gray walls can seem too dark, but the combination of dark gray cabinets and white walls is a good one.

Black laundry machines will look striking in a charcoal gray room. However, silver machines will fit in well, too, especially if you’re hoping to create a monochromatic look. As a fairly dark neutral, charcoal gray also lets accent colors pop. If you have unusually-colored laundry machines or just want to add a few bright accents, charcoal gray is a great base color to choose!

20. Midnight Blue

Midnight blue appliances in laundry room.

Midnight blue is a lovely shade that’s somewhere between royal blue and navy blue. It’s especially easy to incorporate if you have a midnight blue washer and dryer. Though the aesthetic of the pictured laundry room is a good one, it’s incredibly easy to create. Just start with a pale neutral room, add the laundry machines and a similarly-colored piece of wall art, and you’re done!

If you don’t have midnight blue laundry machines, you can still use this palette. You can add a deep blue statement wall to a white-walled laundry room. If you want to create something really striking, floor tiles or wallpaper with a pattern of midnight blue and white will look great!

21. Wine Red

Laundry room interior with white cabinets and red walls.

Earlier, we mentioned that cinnabar red and other bright shades can be used successfully in a laundry room. If cinnabar seems just a little too loud, you may find wine red more to your liking. The pictured laundry room makes good use of it as a wall color, and it looks especially regal when combined with white cabinets, machines, and wall trim.

If you’d like your palette to have a playful twist, you can always add an unexpected accent color. The light blue laundry baskets pictured pop against the wine red walls. It works much like a more subdued version of the cherry-and-cyan color schemes of the 1950s.

22. Soft Blue-Gray

Soft blue grey laundry room with white appliances and sink.

If you’re looking to move away from neutral wall colors but don’t want to stray too far, quiet shades of blue-gray might be just what you’re looking for. Blue-gray is a popular wall color for just about any room, so there are seemingly endless shades available. Choose gray-heavy shades to stay closer to a neutral palette, or go with mostly-blue varieties if you want something a bit different. Because there are so many blue-gray shades, paint samples can really help here!

Most softer shades of blue-gray do well with earthy shades of brown. You can see this combination at work in the photo: the multiple colors of the floor and backsplash work with the walls to create a serene, nature-inspired aesthetic.

23. Olive Green

Laundry room with olive walls.

Olive is a dignified earth tone with a classic look. You might not associate it with laundry rooms, but it’s a good way to give your laundry room walls some warmth and presence. Olive green works a lot like a neutral, so it generally pairs well with just about any appliance color.

Olive is also versatile enough to create a range of aesthetics. If you’re going for something more ornate, choose gold-framed wall hangings and gold cabinet hardware. Olive is also very at home in rustic palettes, so you can successfully use weathered wood furniture and other wooden accents, too.

24. Terra Cotta

Laundry room with vintage tiled walls and aluminum windows.

Terra cotta will give any room a homey, vaguely Mediterranean feel. The pictured laundry room uses terra cotta floor tiles with an interesting shape to give the room some character. However, the real star of this design scheme is the vintage wall tiling. Though its base color is white, the pink and orange design is close enough to terra cotta to really tie into it.

If you aren’t a fan of patterned walls, you can still use terra cotta successfully! It looks great with blue walls, although it can be combined successfully with just about any wall color. If you find that your laundry room still needs a little more terra cotta, add a plat or two with terra cotta pots.

25. Powder Blue

Blue basement laundry room with black washer and dryer.

Blue is probably one of the most popular non-neutral shades in interior design. Soft shades like powder blue work well if you want to design a space that’s almost neutral but not quite. And especially when combined with white, powder blue is ideal for creating a soft, dreamy palette.

Most dreamy palettes do well when they’re grounded by a darker color, even if that darker color is only used in very small amounts. The room in the photo does this well: black laundry machines and black-lined rugs are all this laundry room needs to stay perfectly in balance.

26. Warm Beige

Laundry room with steel appliances and nice cabinets, tile floor, and beige walls.

Beige (in all its forms) has remained a popular color over the years. As modern homeowners moved away from white walls, beige quickly became the preferred neutral. After all, beige walls have more character than white walls. They also don’t have the same cold, clinical feel that white walls sometimes have.

If you really want to move away from that cold, clinical feel, warmer shades of beige are for you. Warmer shades make a room seem more inviting. They’re also easy to layer into Scandinavian-style decoration schemes. Layering is a great way to ensure beige walls never seem too dull. In the example laundry room, natural wooden cabinets and a stone-patterned floor add some interest and complete the neutral palette.

27. Faded Red

Laundry room with faded red flooring.

Whether it’s thanks to architecture, pre-existing flooring, or both, some laundry rooms are just unusual. Some might view decorating one of these rooms as a challenge, but an unusual laundry room can also inspire you to be especially creative with your design choices.

When you first look at the pictured laundry room, the red flooring probably jumps out. If the walls and ceiling were pure white, the palette would look incredibly unbalanced. However, thanks to the warm-colored wooden beams on the ceiling, the red flooring looks connected to the rest of the room.

28. Medium Gray

Beautiful laundry room with medium gray cabinets.

Pale grays and charcoal grays have their merits. But what if you want something in between? Medium gray can add just enough gravity to your laundry room. And as you can see, it’s also a good color to include if you want to layer different shades of gray throughout the room.

This type of layering works especially well if you have white laundry machines. If the machines offer the only burst of white in a medium-gray room, the overall look may be jarring. But with a layered palette, white machines will look like just the next step in the gradient after very pale gray.

29. Sage Green

Sage green laundry room with vaulted ceiling.

Sage green is earthy yet light, making it a great color choice for designing rooms with character. It’s often seen as a wall color, but the pictured room flips the usual color scheme by including white walls with sage trim.

Though the overall aesthetic is a simple one, it works. The combination of the vaulted ceiling and white walls, cabinets, and machines makes the room look open and bright. Of course, if you want to put more emphasis on sage, you can always add a sage-colored rug or go with sage walls instead.

30. Teal

Utility Room with teel walls.

The cool, refreshing shade of white seen in many laundry rooms might remind you of clean laundry. But teal is refreshing in a different way: especially when combined with cool white, it’s reminiscent of the ocean on a clear day. Teal commands attention, so even small amounts can transform the mood of your laundry room.

If you want to go all-in, choose teal walls with white wall trim. This combination works especially nicely with white laundry machines. If you’d rather use less teal, try including teal cabinets like the laundry room in the picture. Teal generally pairs best with various shades of white, but if you have another pale neutral in mind, it will likely go well, too.

31. Citron Yellow

Citron yellow laundry room with white appliances

Earlier, we saw how pastel shades of yellow and rich golden shades alike could work in a laundry room. But if you want to turn the brightness up a notch, citron yellow is sure to energize your space!

The pictured laundry room stands out for its fantastically bold use of yellow. But if you’re not completely sold on this shade yet, you don’t have to start there. If you like wallpaper, try covering the top portion of your walls with yellow and white patterned wallpaper. Paint the lower halves white. You might also add a yellow rug or two to bring the look together.

32. Robin’s Egg Blue

Light blue laundry room with modern steel appliances and white cabinets.

Though it’s sometimes overshadowed by teal, turquoise, and powder blue, robin’s egg blue is a nice springlike shade that can really make your laundry room unique. The pictured laundry room uses this shade in combining the classic and modern. The blue walls with white trim give the room a classic look, but the new laundry machines add a modern element.

Of course, when you combine cool white, blue, and silver, you may find that your palette has begun to lean just a little too cool. There’s an easy fix, though. As the pictured laundry room shows you, all you need to do is add a jute or seagrass rug.

33. Cool White

Laundry room with white walls and white appliances.

So far we’ve seen at least some cool white included in almost every palette. But if you want a truly monochromatic look, you can also go with an all-white room. This type of look often seems too stark or extreme. But in some cases, it works—one common example is the ultra-modern, all-white living room.

If you’re going with an all-white palette but want to add just a touch of another color, an accent shade can work well. Consider a piece of colorful wall art or simply add a single bright rug, clothes hamper, or other accessory.

34. Taupe

A taupe modern laundry room in luxury house.

Taupe is a shade of grayish brown that’s a little more brown than greige. It’s especially common in modern wooden furniture. And as you can see in the photo, taupe-colored furniture often has a streaked or mottled appearance that can really add interest to your laundry room! If you do choose to integrate this color, you’ll find that it pairs well with various darker neutrals like black and charcoal gray.

Taupe looks good with black or silver laundry machines, but as you can see, it can also work with white machines. As long as you have a good bit of white elsewhere in the room, you can still create a balanced color scheme with taupe and white.

35. Tangerine Orange

Laundry room with tangerine orange tones.

Ultra-bright laundry rooms aren’t too common. And while painting your entire laundry room tangerine orange probably seems like too much, an accent wall (or a few orange accent pieces throughout) often works well.

The pictured laundry room is somewhat unusual in that it’s part of a larger cellar room. However, thanks to the bright orange machinery, white walls, and white washing machine, the end result is a bright yet balanced palette!

What Is the Best Color for Your Laundry Room?

Only you can decide which color is best for your laundry room. White is one of the classic choices, but you can add an unexpected twist with tiled floors or patterned wallpaper. If you’re going for something a little different, you can have a lot of fun experimenting with bold and unexpected wall colors, too!

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