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Waterproofing your roof : The complete guide

May and June are the best months in Swaziland to get outside and begin waterproofing your roof. This period falls outside of the heavy rainfall season, meaning you can do a good job and avoid getting wet. And, though you can’t control the weather, you can control how you go about preparing your roof in the first place. So, to help you get your roof ready for the year ahead, here is your helpful guide on how to waterproof your roof.

7 steps to waterproofing your roof

1. Sort your nails

First off, you should carefully go through and scan your corrugated roofing to ensure that all nails are firmly in place and the steel is secure.

2. Clean your roof

Next, go over your roof with a stiff wire brush to ensure that any loose material is removed and it is as clean as possible.

3. Apply waterproofing

You can now go over the roof and apply a layer of Starflex Waterproofing paint.

4. Brush your coat over the membrane

Lay some membrane on top and start going over this membrane with more waterproofing paint.

5. Secure the membrane

You should slowly roll out the membrane and cover it with the waterproofing paint as you go.

6. Waterproof your nails

To waterproof a nail, simply cut out a square of membrane and lay it over the nail. Then, use the waterproofing paint to hold it down.

7. Apply regular paint

Once this is all done, you can then go over and cover it in regular paint to give it a nice finish.

Great tips out help you out

– If you’re trying to decide whether or not your ceiling needs waterproofing, then there are a number of telltale signs. This includes damp areas on your fireplace; dark spots on your ceilings; paint could be peeling off on certain areas under your roof; or you notice overgrowth of moss on your ceiling or in your drains.

– You should put time and care into maintaining your roof all year round to prevent damage to your waterproofing work. This includes removing any debris after a storm and being careful not to remove the membrane at any time.

– If you have parts of your roof that are not made of corrugated steel, then be sure to apply a waterproof membrane layer underneath any part of the roofing tiles.

– Check carefully for any gaps where the roof meets your walls or chimney. You should ensure there is suitable quality flashing to seal these gaps and keep the water out.

Of course, one of the most important parts of waterproofing your roof is to make sure you use high-quality tools and equipment for the job. This is where Star Paint comes in. We are one of the most highly trusted and recommended providers of paint supplies in Swaziland. We pride ourselves on supplying great materials and helping homeowners to properly protect their buildings. To get started on waterproofing your roof, be sure to check out our complete range of products.

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