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4 fun tropical paint colours for summer

Everyone would love to spend their summer holiday on a tropical island somewhere. So why not bring the tropical into your home? Here are 4 fun tropical paint colours that are perfect for summer. It’s time to brighten up your home with a fresh coat of paint.

4 fun tropical paint colours for summer

Palm green

There’s nothing more relaxing than the sound of a soft breeze whistling through palm tree leaves and looking up at the green leaves contrasting with the blue sky. Recreate that relaxing environment in your home with cool, calm palm-coloured green walls. To add to the effect, place pot plants around the room – it’s also supposed to improve the air quality.

With a fresh coat of green paint, you can turn any room in your home into an oasis. Green is traditionally considered a tranquil, calming colour so it’s perfect for a bedroom or living room where chilling out is the name of the game. If palm green is a bit too courageous a colour for you then you can always try lighter greens like sage or mint. These softer greens will help you rest easy out in your tropical paradise.

Flamingo pink

Flamingos are the tropical bird of choice, so anything flamingo pink inspires summer feelings. Flamingo pink is a bold colour, but it is totally doable in a small space, or on select feature walls, in your home. This summer loving colour doesn’t have to be too girly if you complement it with other neutral colours and different textured decor elements to create a bohemian vibe.

Gone are the days when pink was for females only. Pink paint is perfect if you want to make an area in your home pop. Add black or gold to it and you’ll be surprised how sophisticated things start to look.

Sunshine Yellow

What’s summer without sunshine? Imagine the sun’s rays bursting through the palm leaves as you lie looking up into the sky. Nothing says happy like yellow. You can easily use yellow on an outside wall to create a vibrant atmosphere or tastefully in small, dark spaces in your home to brighten things up.

To ensure yellow isn’t too overpowering, you can use white and contrasting colours like green (think pineapples) to tone down the brightness. Pastel yellow is also a great option for those wanting a more mellow yellow effect.

Sky Blue

We usually associate blue with the sky and the ocean – both key elements of an iconic tropical summer holiday. It’s also a classic choice for beach homes as it cools down any space. Even a pale blue can add some freshness to your home and create a dreamy atmosphere.

Blue is often associated with confidence and calmness, which is ideal for indoor and outdoor areas. It certainly doesn’t have to be a depressing colour, but rather a happy, friendly and inviting colour, especially when used with other tropical paint colours.

So why not give one of these tropical paint colours a go this summer? Or perhaps explore some the idea of a tropical colour palette.

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