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What paint should you use for interior walls?

Choosing paint for your interior walls is really important and can affect the style of your room. To help you make a choice, we’ve laid out a few options below.

Super Sheen

If you’re decorating a bathroom, Super Sheen is a really popular choice. The extra thickness and shine means that it’s more resilient than most types of paint. The super sheen gives a nice silky and smooth finish, which will dry quickly. Easy to apply, the Super Sheen Acrylic paint is also a great choice if your lounge or kitchen could do with a touch of paint. Its high resilience to stains means that it’s particularly suitable for all interior walls if you’ve got a young family. It’s also really versatile and can be applied to wood, metal and regular plaster walls, so if you’re looking to cover large areas quickly, Super Sheen could well be for you.

Durable Acrylic

If the extra shine provided by Super Sheen isn’t for you, a Durable Acrylic paint offers a good alternative. With less of a silky finish, it’s another versatile paint that gives you a more toned down effect. Available in many colours, plus many more that can be tinted upon request, this paint has been designed with high-quality interior walls in mind. If you’re looking to complete a large job quickly, this is probably the choice for you thanks to its quick-drying ability.

Super General Purpose Acrylic

The Super General Purpose Acrylic is one of the most popular choices for interior walls. Ideal if you’re not that experienced with decorating, it’s easy to apply either with a brush or a roller and it gives you a standard, smooth matt finish. Thanks to its durability, the general purpose acrylic will stand up to stains and has a washable quality so you don’t find yourself having to re-apply a coat of paint every time you spot a mark on the wall.

Eggshell Enamel

If you’re after a slightly different finish then you might want to consider the Eggshell Enamel. This paint will give your interior walls a soft, subtle sheen which will resist dirt and stains. Ideal for some of the busiest rooms in your home, the Eggshell Enamel might be a good choice for smaller spaces such as your hallways. Thanks to its reflective appearance, it’s able to brighten up even the darkest areas of your home.


Whatever paint you choose, you’ll have to make sure you prepare the surface properly before the application of any paint. With regular plastered walls, you’ll have to ensure that they are nice and smooth before you start painting, this may involve filling any cracks and rubbing the walls down with sandpaper thoroughly. If you’ve got wooden cladding on your walls, you may want to consult a guide on how to paint raw wood before you start your work.

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