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What a paint colour says about your personality

One of the first questions people ask when they are getting to know someone is: what’s your favourite colour? That’s because the colours that you gravitate towards, whether you’re choosing something to wear or deciding what colour to paint your wall, communicate something about your personality. Colour psychology is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. So, before you take a trip to Star Paint to purchase paint, take a look at what each paint colour will say about you.

Red personality

If you like the idea of painting one or more of the walls in your home red then you’re most likely a tenacious, courageous and spontaneous individual. If red is one of your favourite colours, you’re sure to be an action-oriented, extroverted, adventurous and ambitious person. Passion is your middle name. A red wall in your home will communicate warmth, love and power – perfect for someone who hates monotony, likes to express themselves boldly and wants to live life to the full. Certainly, a red feature wall will leave a lasting impression on all house guests. If you enjoy being the centre of attention then using red paint is your chance to confidently shine.

Orange personality

Those who claim orange as a colour that defines them are usually likeable, easy going, warm and approachable people. An orange wall in your home would tell others that you’re good-natured, friendly and welcoming. It’s a great colour to paint walls in entertainment areas in your home, as it will highlight your sociable, engaging and people-loving personality.

Yellow personality

Yellow personalities are cheerful, optimistic dreamers who always bring their own sunshine. If yellow makes you happy then you’re probably curious about life and intrigued by new things that you learn. Do you like coming up with intelligent ideas and sharing interesting knowledge with friends? That’s a yellow personality. Painting a wall or two yellow in your home will create an energetic, enjoyable and inspirational atmosphere.

Blue personality

Blue is the most popular colour in the world []. If blue is your hue then you’re probably cool, calm and collected. Your personality is one of reliability, sensitivity and trustworthiness. It’s a colour that communicates masculinity, corporateness and competence, which is why a lot of businesses use it in their branding. It’s often associated with the ocean, so if you’re a blue personality, you’re strong and confident, and there’s more to you under the surface than meets the eye. A blue wall would bring a seaside peace and tranquility into your home.

Green personality

A lover of green is often also a lover of nature. Like nature, you know how to attract people because you are a well-balanced, kind, compassionate person. If green is your favourite colour then your personality is likely pragmatic, loyal and sensibly stable. Green paint on your walls communicates good taste, respectability, safety and security.

Purple personality

If you love purple or violet colours then you are a gentle and free spirit. These colours communicate authority, sophistication and power – that’s why purple is often used in royalty. Purple people are unique, artistic and intuitive. Splashes of purple paint in your house will communicate creativity, elegance and mystery.

Pink personality

Pink personalities are kind, loving, soft and sensitive to the needs of others. If pink is your delight then you probably have a sweet naivety and childlikeness about you. Pink in your home will add a pretty, feminine touch and it will communicate romance, sincerity and sophistication.

White personality

If white is right for you then you’re probably an immaculately neat, organised person who likes to keep things simple. Your personality is positive and peaceful, and people enjoy being around you because you exude happiness. White in your home will communicate purity, openness, simplicity and sincerity. Using white paint on a wall may be considered “playing it safe”, but keeping it simple means you can pay attention to the detail and eliminate clutter.

Black personality

Black colour personalities are independent, determined and strong-willed, and they are often artistic and sensitive. Prestige and power are probably quite important to you, so you aren’t afraid of going after the things you want. You may seem quite intimidating and demanding, but you’re still enigmatically charming. Black paint in your home communicates a sophistication that will never go out of fashion.

Brown personality

Brown personality types are hard working, honest and down-to-earth. If brown is your favourite colour then you probably see no need for extravagance. You don’t need flashy things, you just want a stable life. “Brown” people enjoy the simple things in life and focus on family and friendships. You’re a reliable, humble and dependable person. A brown wall in your home will communicate modesty, ruggedness and stability.

Silver personality

If silver is your favourite paint colour then you must be an imaginative and introspective thinker. You definitely see things from a different angle as you have a lot of life experience. You’re intuitive and insightful, and you’re always willing to share your stories and wisdom with others. A silver wall in your home will be captivating and it will communicate your confident eccentricity.

Gold personality

If you’re a golden girl or guy then you must be a charismatic person. You know who you are and you radiate individuality. Gold personalities like to be noticed and enjoy opportunities to shine. You are also genuine and giving, authentic and trustworthy. Having a gold wall in your home will communicate confidence, quality and individuality.

Now that you know what each colour communicates, what colour will you choose to paint your wall?

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