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Which wood paint colours would you use to paint wood?

Painting onto wood can be the perfect blank canvas. As any DIY lover can attest to, the choice of wood paint colours can transform the look and feel of a single piece of furniture or an entire room. Whatever your style, it’s important to prep accordingly, especially if you are painting raw wood. In this guide, we give you our best picks to really bring out your wood painting style.

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Wood paint colours to choose from

Light and airy

Popular for Scandinavian-styled rooms, a pale, barely-there paint can make a wooden surface seem bright, clean and large. Woods such as beech boast a naturally light colour and the colour of your wood project can be subtly enhanced by the correct painting choice.

Light wood paint colours or stains are a low-maintenance approach to painting wood, bringing out the natural beauty of the surface in the finish. Imperfections will show, so prep work will be needed. Particularly if upcycling an old piece of furniture, a citrus cleaner can strip away surface impurities and give you a blank surface to work with. The Star Wood Coat gives a hard, resistant finish while enhancing the colour of the wood in a single coat. This protects the wood so serves a purpose beyond the appearance of the wood.

Warm and rustic

There’s something decadent and inviting about dark furniture, evoking a richness and antique feel. Dark woods such as mahogany can be very expensive, particularly for hobby projects, and many prefer to work with a more cost-effective wood and create the look and feel they want using stains and varnishes.

Opting for a wood colour varnish in a deep mahogany stain, for example, gives you a rich, hardwood effect that is UV resistant and preserves the natural wood underneath. It can be fully applied with three coats and some gentle sanding.

Bright and bold

Bright colours can give a project an arresting pop that catches the eye and holds attention, but applying colour needn’t obscure the natural beauty of wood. By using Star Paint wood varnish, you can apply a deeply penetrating colour without compromising on a wooden look and feel for your project. A wood colour varnish in bright red, blue or yellow has the same beneficial properties as using a wood colour varnish in a natural wooden colour. The paint can be used for interior and exterior surfaces and applied using a spray by adding mineral turps for additional ease of use.

For a wider range of colours, you can compromise on the wooden look and feel of a project and opt for a high-gloss enamel, providing the surface is correctly primed and prepared. Enamel paint is available in strikingly dark shades and calming pastel tints to suit whatever look and feel you are going for. A quick-drying, spray version of the paint is an effective option with a semi-gloss finish. Wooden furniture around the home can be rejuvenated by using many different wood paint colours.

However, you want to finish a piece of wood, choosing high-quality products will ensure a high-quality finish. Provided you do the necessary prep work and arm yourself with the correct tools, you will be able to get the look and feel you need for any DIY project you undertake.

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