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Painting concrete floors: Your step-by-step guide

Nobody wants to see a boring concrete floor, which is why most people choose to cover them in some sort of flooring. Much of the time, concrete floors are in areas that get heavy use, like a garage. So, to ensure that the paint can hold up well over time, you should ensure you do a proper job of painting it. If you’re interested in doing exactly this, then here is your seven-step guide to properly painting concrete.

Seven steps to painting concrete

1. Wash your floor

The first step towards painting concrete is to ensure it is properly clean all over. Many people skip this step and get straight to work with steps two to six of painting concrete. This is a big mistake. Failure to properly wash your floor can lead to ugly bumps and grooves in places you didn’t expect. Also, it can lead to a poor quality of finish. As such, the floor will eventually be less durable in the future. Once you have cleaned your floor, make sure it is properly dry and no water is left on the surface.

2. Sand and vacuum

Once your floor is clean and dry, it’s time to go over and sand down any uneven areas. If your floor has been painted before, then make sure the old paint is gone and no grooves or patches are left.

3. Fill in any holes or cracks

To help make sure the floor is as smooth as possible, you should go through and add cement to any cracks or holes you can see. Use a trowel to push the mix down in as far as possible. Afterward, leave it to dry thoroughly.

4. Apply two primer coatings

Once your surface is level and clean, it’s time to put down your primer. Using a roller brush, make sure the entire surface is covered with two complete coats of primer. You should ensure that the primer is fully dry between coats.

5. Check your primer

Similarly, you will need to then make sure the second layer is dry before proceeding. To do this, use a sharp knife to make a small cross in the primer. Then, place a small amount of duct tape over this cross and rip it off quickly. If the vast majority of the primer remains, then you are ready to proceed.

6. Apply your epoxy paint

Next, you can add two coats of epoxy paint. Just like you did in the previous step, make sure the coats are fully dry after doing each one. Be sure to use a clean roller for this step.

7. Finish off with masonry sealer

Finally, you can use another clean roller to apply several coats of good quality masonry sealer. Once again, ensure it is fully dry between coats. Doing this step carefully is vital in ensuring your newly painted concrete floor will last well over time.

Remember: Read the instructions on all of your paint products carefully to ensure you are wearing the necessary safety equipment.

Right, now you know what to do, it’s time to get to work. But wait! Where will you get all of your equipment from? Luckily for you, Star Paint is here to help. We offer one of the largest selections of high-quality paint in all of Swaziland. We offer great looking paints suitable for all environments, especially for painting concrete floors. To find out more, please take a look at the range of paints we offer.

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